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Fighting For Their Right To Tailgate

Washington Redskins TailgateThe fight is officially on for Redskin Fans to save tailgating, as they know it.

What is now being called “Tailgate-gate” is now turning into a full out battle to allow tailgaters to park anywhere in the lot they desire as long as they have the appropriate parking pass. The Reason? The Redskin Organization has revised its parking policy to include the following:

“Individuals should be allowed to park anywhere in the lot they desire as long as they have the appropriate Parking Pass. Individuals that are occupying more than 1 space will be asked to move. If they do not comply they risk losing their Parking Pass for the Season.”

Although we understand that this is meant to help with organization and to ease the flow of traffic, it is going to put a damper on hard-core tailgaters that bring out tents, grills, and tables to their tailgate areas. It’s going to break up large groups who come out to support the very organization who is laying down this new ground rule.

As fellow tailgaters, we are asking Redskin fans and not to visit, and sign their petition at As of this posting, there are 677 total signatures. Let’s help get them in the thousands!

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