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Tap Boards Keeps Your Beer Organized

Tap Boards

Variety is a good thing. If you are extremely loyal to one type of beer, you can stop reading here. However, if you are a promoter of assortment, and can appreciate the difference between a Belgian Trippel and Belgian Dubbel, you will soon find yourself buried alive in a pile of beer tap handles. To keep your beer organized, check out Tap Boards ($40). These handcrafted walnut-finished beer taps hold a chalkboard inserts that you let you erase and re-label your brew every time you switch out a keg. They work great for the home bar with kegerators.


SMU Mustang Trailer Takes New Shape

SMU Mustang Tailgating Trailer

After speaking with Robert Mims from Imagi-Motive a few weeks ago, I realized that they are way ahead of the curve when it comes to customizing tailgating vehicles. Take for instance, the SMU Tailgating Trailer, which is their newest model. In the past, tailgate trailers have always been designed around the standard box-trailer design. This is fine, if you are using the trailer to haul around some lawn mowers or a couple of Harleys. But when you want to use a space for a particular purpose, you need to start from scratch. Imagi-Motive has decided to forgo that old boxed-in design, and construct these trailers to spec. Some of the features of the SMU Tailgating Trailer shown above include a flat screen TV, satellite dish, surround speaker system, keg tap system, cup dispenser, wet bar, and swing-out grill.

Check out the full story to learn more and view the photo gallery.

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Tennessee Titans: Tailgating "First Class"

Tennessee Titans Tailgating BusIf owning and operating a tailgating vehicle is the equivalent of running a company, then The First Class Tailgaters, a tailgating group backing the Tennessee Titans, are the equivalent of a conglomerate. They aren’t just equipped with a simple tailgating van. They operate a tailgating van, trailer, mobile bar, rolling gadgets, and a container kitchen. Yes, they converted an old ocean-shipping container into a complete commercial kitchen.

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Deluxe Grill Table Serves Up Some Real Tailgating Real Estate

The number one thing on a tailgating chef’s mind is food prep real estate, because it can be hard to come by on location. However, the Deluxe Grill Table sold at Camping World provides all room you need to prep up a stellar tailgate smorgasbord. In addition to a heat-resistant aluminum grill area and two side tables, it features a bottom rack for accessories, a paper towel rack, and hooks for grilling tools. This very useful table folds down to 37- by 19- by 6-inches, and also comes with a carrying case. The Deluxe Grill Table is not only good for tailgates, but also picnics, camping, and backyards.

Grill platform is 26 ¼” x 16”W x 32”H. Side tables measure 17 ¾”L x 16”W x 25 ½”H. Overall dimensions: 57 ¾”W x 19”D x 32”H. Folds to 37”W x 19”D x 6”H. You can currently get the table at Camping World for $99.99.