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Hornitos Lime Shot

Beer is one of the mainstays in the tailgate lots.  But there has been a movement to bring more flavor to the ordinary tailgate party.  

One such drink would be tequila shooters, where someone takes a lick of salt, does a shot of tequila, and a bite of lime to finish it off.  That's a lot of extras to lug around in your car.

Enter Hornitos Lime Shot. Hornitos Lime Shot is the perfect accessory for any tailgate as it simplifies the tequila shot occasion by combining Hornitos Plata 100% blue agave tequila with the refreshing taste of lime and a hint of salt. You don’t need to worry about packing salt, lime and knives when they head to the field, as Hornitos Lime Shot combines all elements into a great-tasting shot in a bottle. Not Just Any Tequila will do!

When I broke out the Hornitos Lime Shot, the tequila drinkers were ready to go.  Everyone agreed that the taste was "on the mark."  Now enter the non-tequila drinkers.  Almost every single person was hesitant to give it a shot.  After debating, most tried it out.  And remarkably, to a person, everyone LOVED IT.  The lime and salt balance out the tequila perfectly.

The tequila purists might think that this isn't a true high quality sipping tequila, but that isn't what it is supposed to be.  This is a tequila shooter in a bottle, and it does that quite well.

You can find out more about Hornitos lime shots from their website, as well as their social media accounts.


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Branded Jägermeister Cooler With Tap

Branded Jägermeister Cooler With Tap

Jägermeister shots are a great tailgating party starter, but keeping your Jäger truly cold has always been a chore. The Jägermeister 6-Bottle Cooler punches that issue square in the mouth. As the name implies, this cooler holds 6 bottles of Jägermeister, with two of them connected to the built-in tap dispenser for easy shot pouring. No longer do you have to worry about finding a spot in your beer cooler for your Jäger. The top of the cooler even serves as a makeshift waitress featuring 8 slots for shot glasses to keep the party rolling.

Tap reservoir accommodates both 750ml and 1.75L size bottles. The large capacity main cooler has room for other items such as Red Bulls for those anticipated Jäger Bombs.

You can now get these coolers at almost half their original price ($65) at the Official Jäger Store.


Turn Fruits Into Shot Glasses with ShotCarver

Lush Life Shot CarverWith Jimmy Buffett’s “Summerzcool Tour” getting ready to kick off its summer leg in Arizona in a couple of weeks, we had to bring out a gadget geared to all those ParrotHeads out there.

Introducing LushLife’s ShotCarver.

The ShotCarver turns almost any fruit into a tasty tropical shot glass. Simply insert the ShotCarver into a fruit such as an apple, twist, and voila, an instant shot glass size hole. Then fill with an adult beverage, and bottoms up.

Making a Vodka Watermelon:

The ShotCarver is also great for carving holes into Vodka Watermelons. To create a Vodka Watermelon, open a hole in the watermelon using the ShotCarver. Insert the bottle of vodka into the hole, we recommend using a 375ml bottle. Let the vodka bottle sit overnight to let the vodka absorb into the fruit. This can sometimes take up to two days depending on the size of your vodka bottle and your watermelon. Then, simply cut the watermelon and serve.