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37 Strange College Mascots

Here's a video showing strange college mascots


Gourmet grub makes her the CWS tailgate hostess with the mostest

Here's a nice article about Kelli Francis from Omaha, who runs a highend tailgate at the College World Series. This year she has professional chef Trey Nelson from LeadBelly (in Lincoln, NE).  Mobile kitchen, misters for the crowds, a week of great eats.

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Limits on tailgating anger Greek community

This fall, the pre-games will truly be pre-games.

New regulations handed down by the university require football tailgate parties to end 30 minutes before kick-off, in an effort to increase the traditionally low student attendance at the games.

“A tailgate is a social event intended to create a festive atmosphere among fans prior to attending football game. The purpose of a tailgate is to mobilize fans to support their team,” wrote Dean of Students Mark Bandas in an e-mail to The Hustler. “We want the Vanderbilt community to show its support for our football team, our new coach and our dedicated student athletes.”

According to Bandas, Vanderbilt University Police Department will report non-compliance to the Office of Greek Life. Failure to comply will result in loss of tailgate privileges for the following home game. Repeated failures to comply could lead to a loss of tailgate privileges for the season.

Members of the Greek community vocalized disapproval of the new regulations, which some have characterized as a deliberate effort by the university to limit the Greek community.

Will Marshall, freshman and Lambda Chi Alpha brother, pointed to the football team’s losing record as the reason for low student attendance.

“A team that doesn't win games is not going to attract a fan base, regardless of absurd rules enacted to attempt to do so,” Marshall said. “The administration ought not be surprised when their actions cause students to return to their rooms and conduct more nefarious acts than they would at a tailgate rather than going to the game.”

Head football coach James Franklin took to Twitter to respond to anger directed at him over the new policy.

“I don't know where it started but I am not involved in shutting frats down 4 the games, I want them 2 come because they want 2 be there,” he tweeted.

Earlier this semester, Franklin visited Greek chapters in an effort to increase excitement for Vanderbilt football. Although some have placed blame on Franklin for the new tailgate restrictions, Lambda Chi Alpha and junior Vann Bentley placed blame on the university.

"It seems like the university took a request from Coach Franklin to the students to come to the games earlier and turned that honest request into another opportunity to systematically wipe out any fun at this school,” Bentley said. “Ultimately, it will most likely result in students leaving frat lawns 30 minutes before the games and finding somewhere off campus to get belligerently drunk.”

“The Vanderbilt community is very stubborn. People aren’t going to start going to the games just because they’re not allowed to tailgate. It’s an unfair policy and it’s going to be hard to control,” said sophomore and Alpha Chi Omega sister Francene Corradetti. “They can’t prevent college kids from drinking, from going into their dorms or off campus.”


Monday Morning Wake Up Call: Auburn 2

Auburn Tailgate Girls

Auburn (8-0) rose from No. 5 to No. 3 in both the Associated Press and the ESPN Coaches polls and from No. 4 in last week’s initial BCS rankings to the top spot after Saturday’s 24-17 victory over LSU.

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Sunday Fun: Field Rushers

Rushing the field has become a new art form. Check out 17 of some of the best field rushers in the business.


Monday Morning Wake Up Call: UCLA

UCLA Cheerleaders

UCLA Bruins get the Wake Up Call this week after crushing the Longhorns on their home turf.

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Double Feature of Oklahoma Sooner Tailgating Machines

Feature 1: Check out this old Greyhound bus found in Oklahoma by Gameday Rivals.

Feature 2: Gameday Rivals also found a 1940's era fire truck, re-purposed as an ultimate Sooners tailgate ride.


Ohio State's Brutus Attacked

If you didn't get a chance to see the latest mascot fight, the above video is must watch. It features Ohio University's Rufus Bobcat viciously going after Brutus Buckeye in front of over 105,000 fans.

"It was actually my whole plan to tackle Brutus when I tried out to be mascot," said Brandon Hanning, formerly known as Ohio University's Rufus Bobcat. "I tried out about a year ago, and the whole reason I tried out was so I could come up here to Ohio State and tackle Brutus."

The 19-year-old Hanning is now banned from further affiliation with the school's athletics department. Actually, he's not even a student there anymore; he now attends nearby Hocking College.



Monday Morning Wake Up Call: Michigan State

Michigan State Cheerleaders

Michigan State bolted into The AP college football poll after its gripping victory against Notre Dame, with it’s very brash call in OT.

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Coke Zero's Playbook of Possibilities

Coke Zero Playbook of Possibilities

Now through October 25th, you can log on to to play the Playbook Challenge. The goal is to solve some common football-related dilemmas, such as leaving your game tickets at home or keeping your cool when seated next to an annoying fan. Pick the right answers as quickly as you can, and you could win daily or weekly prizes from some of the most popular football schools in the country.

The daily prizes are pretty cool and include tailgating items like cooler scooters, trailer hitch grills, party coolers, or cornhole game sets. The grand prize is a VIP package to the Chick-Fil-A Bowl Game in Atlanta on New Year’s Eve!