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Track Down Tailgates With This Handy New Mobile App

Tailgate Iphone App

Tailgate Scout is a new mobile web application developed by tailgaters to help you track down your friend’s tailgating location, and other tailgates nearby on game day. The app was mainly developed to help tailgaters find a single spot located amongst the vast area of tents and grills. It works great if you are trying to host a public tailgate, and want to get the word out, or if you just need friends to find where you parked.

Tailgate Scout currently carries the following features:

  • Facebook sign on to leverage your existing social network
  • Access on both Android and iPhone devices through the built in browser
  • Maps and lists to pinpoint your friends and their tailgates
  • Display all public tailgates nearby sorted by distance
  • Location sharing through tailgate creation, check in, tweet button, and the mark your spot functionality
  • Tailgate check in to earn points for your team
  • Leader boards to track top teams, tailgates, and scouts for that day

You can check out the app by visiting on your iPhone, Android phone, or Google Chrome.


Coke Zero's Playbook of Possibilities

Coke Zero Playbook of Possibilities

Now through October 25th, you can log on to to play the Playbook Challenge. The goal is to solve some common football-related dilemmas, such as leaving your game tickets at home or keeping your cool when seated next to an annoying fan. Pick the right answers as quickly as you can, and you could win daily or weekly prizes from some of the most popular football schools in the country.

The daily prizes are pretty cool and include tailgating items like cooler scooters, trailer hitch grills, party coolers, or cornhole game sets. The grand prize is a VIP package to the Chick-Fil-A Bowl Game in Atlanta on New Year’s Eve!


TailgateWiki: Keeping Tailgaters Informed

With all the “wiki’s” popping up online, you knew it was only a matter of time before there was one developed on our favorite subject: tailgating. Introducing! It was developed loosely on the concept of Wikipedia, where everyone is an expert on something. The thousands of tailgaters that flock to stadiums all across the country are experts when it comes to their local stadium, tailgating rules, traditions, and hidden hints that only those that tailgate regularly know. is a place to share that information to not only “pay it forward” for your fellow hometown tailgaters, but for visiting fans alike. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to follow your team on the road, and still tailgate like you were at your home stadium? Rather than spending hours of research trying to find the right information on when gates open, if you could use charcoal, or what items are banned in the parking lot, you now have a one-stop-shop, where all that information is stored. was started a few months ago, and some team pages are chock full of great information and insider tips. Check out a sample tailgate at the Chargers Tailgate Page.

You even can earn achievement badges based on your activity and how many pages you update. So get over to, and start adding what you know.


Manage Registrations for Your Tailgate Tourney

Tailgate Tourney OnlineIf you have ever managed a Cornhole tournament, you know what a pain in the ass it is to collect money from participants and manage paperwork. A company based in Bethesda, Maryland is aiming to take all the guess work out of tourney planning with its online bracket manager at Compete-At provides an easy, turnkey solution for tailgate game organizers, which enables you to accept online registrations, memberships, credit card payments from participants.

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