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Visual Guide to BBQ

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Awesome Looking Food Trucks

Check out these awesome food trucks!  I'd love to see these in the tailgate lot!

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Grill Grates Are Simply Amazing

If you are like us at TailgateLot, sometimes they gear you bring to the tailgate isn't as nice as you'd use at your house.  We have an old grill that we've make to look like a football helmet and mounted on the front of our rig.  The problems with cheaper grills is that they can start to show their flaws when cooking a lot of traditional fatty tailgating foods.

Enter the Grill Grate.  This is an addition to practically any grill out there, as they sit on top of the existing grates.  They will help to reduce and eliminate flare up and provide more even cooking.  Knowing our grill, and the devestation it takes, I was very interested in this product.  

The Grill Grates are made from aluminum, and the panels come in many different sizes.  They interlock forming a solid surface to grill upon.  Once installed, the Grill Grate will give you new dimensions in cooking, as they will provide infrared heating to your food, along with conduction and convection.  

I used hamburgers as my first test of the Grill Grate.  After a few minutes on one side, I gave them a quarter turn, and let them cook a few minutes longer before flipping.  The marks that the Grill Grate leaves on the food is gorgeous.  The cooking was extremely even, and best of all, NO FLARE UP AT ALL!

My next test was a steak.  The Grill Grate shines with steaks.  In the 2013 World Championship Steak Cook-Off, the top 3 finishers all used GrillGrate!  In fact, 1st place the past three years has been grilled with Grill Grate.  I'm not a world champion steak griller, but even my steaks came off looking world class.

Grill Grate is a must have for any grill setup out there.  Gas, charcoal, you name it.  The end product tastes great, and looks even better.

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Using An RV To Tailgate

Its football season and gridiron experts are fired up and ready to tailgate in stadium parking lots across the nation. Whether you’re a tailgating rookie or seasoned veteran, if you’re going to tailgate, make sure you do it right!

Just ask Ryan Lee from Monaco RV.

“We feel that RV tailgating is unlike any tailgating you’ve ever experienced before and simply can’t be matched for its numerous conveniences and benefits,” he said. “When you consider the evolution of tailgating culture in America, RV tailgating is simply the next evolutionary step. It’s taking everything that’s good about traditional tailgating, and super-sizing it, or taking it to the next level.”

Monaco RVs symbolize quality and efficiency while also providing the comforts of home and all the needs of your tailgating crew. The Monaco Vesta is perfect for any tailgate with first class amenities such as a bathroom, refrigerator, kitchen, satellite radio, exterior awning, and plenty of space for a party of two or twenty.

Pre-game and post-game activities are just as important as the game itself and you shouldn’t miss out. Monaco Coach RV owners have been known to deck out their RVs with integrated BBQ set-ups and multiple TVs hooked to dual satellites for maximum viewing pleasure. Some paint the satellite dish in team colors, pull out customized grills, and show off high-end stereo systems by playing their school’s marching band CD in anticipation of the big game.

“Tailgating is a great time for the whole family and unites old friends as well as ignites rivalries. It is all part of the experience. And there’s nothing like meeting your fellow tailgaters on a Saturday morning to show off your team spirit and tailgating dedication. And having the comforts and amenities of home with an RV will make you the king or queen of the tailgate this season,” Lee said.

You can find RVs for your tailgating needs and information on nearby dealers at