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Never Too Old For A Party Bucket

Even the older folks know how to have fun at a tailgate.  PARTY BUCKET!  Or as we call it, the Anti-shotgunning.

"Hey Harold, get me another straw!"

"That's right honey, drink it all."


Shotgunning FAIL

I think someone needs to learn how to shotgun a beer.  Another terrific beer shotgunning fail:



The Coolest Cooler, Revisited. Now Funded!

Back in November, we spotlight The Coolest Cooler Kickstarter.  Well, they are back in full force, having already DESTROYED their goal.  They have already passed the 5 MILLION mark!


They didn't just relist the Coolest Cooler; they went back to the board and made this thing even more awesome.

Check out the rundown of features:
- 18v battery powered rechargeable blender
- Removeable waterproof bluetooth speaker 
- USB charger
- LED lid light
- Gear tie-down
- Cooler divider / cutting board
- Extra wide easy rolling tires
- Integrated storage for plates and knife
- Bottle opener


The COOLEST has a split lid design so you can get access to ice for the blender without letting too much warm air in.  This also lets you keep your cups in the cup holders so you don't have to put everything on the ground just to grab another cold drink.

The split lid design and removable divider give you some great packing options.  You can keep your cocktail ice separate from your regular ice. Or you could put ice only on one side, pull the drain plug and the other side becomes a totally dry refrigerator, perfect for keeping sandwiches and any other perishable food cool and dry.

Check it out at:

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Monday Morning Wake Up Call: How to hide beer

These ladies have the right idea.  Make a rule, and someone will break it.  Say you can't bring in beer?  We'll tape it to our legs!  They are doing it right!



Growing Beer, if only it were this easy!!

How many people would be into gardening if this were the case!



Beer Drones, the most AMAZING use of drones

Could you imagine?  Beer supply getting low at the tailgate, panic is starting to creep up.  It's official, this is an all out BEERMERGENCY.

Never fear though, we now have beer drones.



Shotgunning Beer FAIL.

Can you tell this is her first time shotgunning a beer?  Wrong hole hotshot!  But, at least she is trying!


FanMug! A Helmet In Your Hand

The FanMug is a replica helmet that is also a coozie or mug for your drink.  It will comfortably hold bottles and cans, as well as poured liquids. It keeps cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot.

The FanMug was created by long-time sportscaster Doug Lessells in Columbus, Ohio.  He did a great job of nailing the look of a helmet, down to the facemask clips and screws.  It also separates into two pieces, so that the inner cup can be cleaned in the dishwasher (top rack safe).  No worries, as this is a BPA Free product.  The inner cup is also microwave safe.

As mentioned above, the FanMug is pretty versatile. When not in season, you can use it as a mug or desk caddy / pen holder at work!

Currently, you can find the FanMug in 15 NFL teams, 19 NCAA teams, and will set you back $11.99 apiece, or you can buy a 4-pack for $39.99.




Getting the FanMug in hand, it is very comfortable to hold.  I've tried many different grips on it; all being very comfortable.  The big thing is, though, it keeps your hand away from any hot or cold beverage that it is holding.

The FanMug will definately get you some looks at the game or in the office.  

Check out more about the FanMug at their website:
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JamCooler Keeps The Party Rockin'

Check out the JamCooler.  This is a perfect party on the go.  Holding up to 100 cans of beverage, this bad boy will crank out tunes with 600 watts of power to the JBL speakers.  Everything in it is marine grade, so no worries of shorting anything out.

The JamCooler has a battery life of 10 hours, provided by two deep cycle batteries.  You can charge the batteries with any standard car battery charger, which, with 10 hours of life, isn't a big deal.

To get the tunes, you can use any Bluetooth audio device (iPhone, iPod, Android phone, etc), or plug into the standard 3.5mm jack.

This cooler is Made in the USA via Orlando, FL and Chicago, IL.  Custom designs are also available.

Here's how to contact JamCooler for more information:

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The Beer Beard

I wonder if you can smuggle beer in using the glorious Beer Beard?