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Tap Boards Keeps Your Beer Organized

Tap Boards

Variety is a good thing. If you are extremely loyal to one type of beer, you can stop reading here. However, if you are a promoter of assortment, and can appreciate the difference between a Belgian Trippel and Belgian Dubbel, you will soon find yourself buried alive in a pile of beer tap handles. To keep your beer organized, check out Tap Boards ($40). These handcrafted walnut-finished beer taps hold a chalkboard inserts that you let you erase and re-label your brew every time you switch out a keg. They work great for the home bar with kegerators.


Branded Jägermeister Cooler With Tap

Branded Jägermeister Cooler With Tap

Jägermeister shots are a great tailgating party starter, but keeping your Jäger truly cold has always been a chore. The Jägermeister 6-Bottle Cooler punches that issue square in the mouth. As the name implies, this cooler holds 6 bottles of Jägermeister, with two of them connected to the built-in tap dispenser for easy shot pouring. No longer do you have to worry about finding a spot in your beer cooler for your Jäger. The top of the cooler even serves as a makeshift waitress featuring 8 slots for shot glasses to keep the party rolling.

Tap reservoir accommodates both 750ml and 1.75L size bottles. The large capacity main cooler has room for other items such as Red Bulls for those anticipated Jäger Bombs.

You can now get these coolers at almost half their original price ($65) at the Official Jäger Store.


Monday Morning Wake Up Call: Port-O-Pong

Port-O-Pong Girls

With football getting ready to officially kick off in just over a week, make sure you have all your tailgating goodies ready to go. Get ready for tailgate season with the Port-O-Pong Portable Beer Pong Table.

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Aug172010's Polar Pitcher's Polar Pitcher

There are a couple of things that can really put a damper on your tailgate. The first of these things is this, and second is skunky beer.'s Polar Pitcher can’t help you with the first thing, but it sure can help with the second.

This pitcher features a steel chamber that is capable of holding ice to keep your beer cold at the core. Simply, load the chamber up from the bottom with ice; fill the pitcher with a tailgate-approved beer, and the liquid in the pitcher will be kept cold. Or you even have the option of filling the cooling cylinder with water, and freezing over night for better results.’s Polar Pitcher is made of polycarbonate construction, and carries a max capacity of 60 oz.


Hire A Professional Bottle Opener at Your Next Tailgate

If your tailgate requires the opening of 200 beer bottles in a minute and 20 seconds, here's the guy you need to hire. He's has the talent and determination to make that feat possible.


The All-In-One Cooler Chair

The All-In-One Cooler Chair

Tailgating is all about portability and innovation, and it revolves around the idea of making one object serve the purpose of 3. This fold-up lounger does just that while keeping your drinks cool. It serves as a cooler, a chair, and a backpack. The seat is available in your choice of four colors, has a shoulder carrying-strap, and expands to reveal a cleverly stashed cooler under its polyester seat. The built-in insulated cooler has room for a six-pack and ice or cold packs to keep it cool.

Max weight for the seat is 250 lbs.

You can purchase the seat at Travel Chair.


T-shirt with Beer Bottle Opener Included

We're gonna hit the like button on this vid. If you don't have beer-opening flip flops, get yourself a beer-opening t-shirt.


Koozie Pocket Shirt = Efficiency

Here's a great product with a bad commercial. This is great when you need a third hand to hold that beer while grilling.


The Beer Belt Keeps You "Hydrated" On the Move During Long Pre-Games

The Beer BeltFor those of you that remember back to early last year, we introduced you to two tailgate-friendly “belt” products called The Booze Belt and The Grillslinger Sport. Now, we want to introduce you to another “belt” product called The Beer Belt™. This product is great way to turn yourself into your own portable keg by ensuring you have your next beer at arms length without heading back to base camp. This allows to roam the tailgating lots without fear of running dry.

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Timbuk2's Dolores Chiller - The Perfect Bag for Tailgate Nomads

We consider there to be two types of tailgaters on the lots during game days. There are campers, and then there are nomads. Campers are tailgaters who bring all necessary items for a proper tailgate, and set up camp with their grill, tent, music, games, and any other items to ensure the proper tailgating environment.

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