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Redscue Unit Squad: Arizona Cardinals Ambulance

The Redscue Unit Squad is a group of Arizona Cardinals tailgaters that have been regularly attending games since 1988, with fulltime season tickets first being purchased in 1991 by two cousins and a friend.  As the years have progressed and the tailgate group has grown, the need arose to either bring more vehicles to each game, or purchase a larger vehicle that can accommodate not only people, but also all the tailgating gear involved (tables, ice chests, chairs, canopies, tv, grill etc.).

The group of three has now grown to include some of our kids that attend games with us.  But one thing has been a constant from the very beginning and the very reason this tailgate vehicle was born:  THIS GROUP OF TAILGATERS WOULD NEVER BE DRIVEN HOME BY AN INTOXICATED DRIVER!!


Original tailgate vehicles included regular passenger vehicles, than progressed to our current Chevy Tahoe’s, Ford F-350’s and other select trucks/SUV’s.  But with additional members, as well as more equipment, we needed to convert to the next step…..


This is where the Redscue Unit was born…….We realize we’re just reinventing the "ambulance tailgate vehicle" wheel that has been done throughout the United States for quite some time.  But this is a wheel we really wanted to reinvent. 

After a nationwide search of possible ambulance vehicles, one fell directly into our lap right here in Tempe, Arizona.  The Founders took immediate delivery and began the brainstorming.  Some items came immediately to the forefront, while others took some back and forth bantering if we should include it or not.


The vehicle was wrapped with a design that includes the following features:

  • REDSCUE UNIT name.  This was a play on words of fire terminology (rescue) and the addition of one of the prime colors (red) of the Arizona Cardinals.
  • Fire type logo on door.  TIME TO SEE RED was a slogan that was used many years ago by the Arizona Cardinals. 
  • EST 1920.  The year the Football Club was established into what is now the National Football League (NFL).
  • R88. Another play on words. As all fire stations are numbered, our “station” is “R” (for REDSCUE) and the “88” is for the year the Arizona Cardinals came to Arizona.
  • The large Cardinal bird head on the rear top.  The image that this entire truck revolves around.
  • Ghost image of the State of Arizona flag on both sides.  Must be seen (purposely) at the right angle or in good sunlight.
  • Large Cardinal bird eyes staring towards the front.
  • NEVER FORGET 40.  A respectful tribute to Pat Tillman, longtime Arizona Cardinals and Arizona State player/student that made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.
  • SPECIAL THANKS TO THE WIVES quote. Giving thanks to all their support.
  • Full size ghost image large Cardinal bird head on the back.
  • Ghost image field hash marks and field numbers on bottom of both sides.


Other features include:

  • Rockford Fosgate sponsored state of the art sound system.  This includes (4) 12” subwoofers with boxes, (4) interior marine speakers, (2) exterior marine speakers, and (3) premier amplifiers.
  • Big screen TV with DirecTV and hook ups.  Includes NFL Sunday Ticket.
  • "Gurney Grill".  A large 8 burner bbq grill.
  • Customized interior upholstery in red/black color combination. Seats include custom “Cardinal” bird logo.
  • Herculiner floor.
  • Customized kegerator with taps inside and outside for both beer and soda.
  • Custom bar area inside.


When did you get the rig?
Four of us - three brothers (Manny, Jaime, Sergio Figueroa) and a friend (Victor Romo) purchased this 1989 Ford Ambulance at the end of the 2011 Cardinals season.  After months of searching for the perfect tailgate vehicle in several states, we stumbled upon this one on Craigslist, just down the street, in the City of Tempe, AZ.



What was it used for before you got it?
This vehicle was a former volunteer ambulance for a small town in Colorado.  The previous owner (Tempe) bought it in Colorado and was going to use it for a business venture in Arizona, but decided to sell it. 


How long did the restoration take?
The REDSCUE UNIT process was started immediately after purchasing the vehicle.  It only took approx 9 months to complete the vehicle to its current phase (the upholstery was installed the Sat night just before the 2012 Season Opener!).  There are still things that are being tweaked and added as time and money permits. 



How many people tailgate with you?
The REDSCUE UNIT Squad consists of approx 15-20 regulars that tailgate every single game and assist with all game day tailgate purchases.  In addition to these regulars, we also have a host of different folks that may tailgate select games throughout the season.  We have had tailgate groups as large as 40-70.   Our main sponsors (George Cairo Engineering, Demers Glass, Rockford Fosgate) also tailgate with us as our Special Guests - some come every game, some periodically.


What are your favorite features?
Pulling into the stadium, the entire parking lot knows when we arrive, as the stereo system, including speakers installed on the outside, is booming throughout.  We also like to use the vehicle wrap canvas as a conversation piece to showcase what every little detail stands for.  And of course, nothing beats having a brand new 8 burner grill we lovingly call the “Gurney Grill” (sold the old grill – too small for the amount of food we need to cook).   Other cool features, away from the ambo, is we have our very own personalized logo t-shirts, hoodies and hats, as well as our very own facebook page (REDSCUE UNIT).  Last, but not least, is tailgating with family and friends and knowing that this vehicle is ALWAYS driven by a designated driver.



What kind of plans do you have for the future?
First and foremost, we’re trying to secure more sponsors that may be able to assist us financially to complete the vehicle and help with expensive maintenance needs. A complete Air Conditioning overhaul is first in the works this off-season. We are currently working to add a bar/grill sponsorship that could be used as our tailgate headquarters during away games and the off-season.   Also, a re-wrap may take place that will more boldly showcase the current details and brighten & enhance the red color palette to give it more “pop”.  The rewrap will also include enlarging our sponsor logos.  We also plan on upgrading to a much larger television and also modifying our battery power sources for our stereo system.  Lastly, we would like to add a new siren and new emergency light bar.



How long have you been tailgating?
Generally between 17-22 years.  Some are more recent additions, but most of us have been tenured for approx two decades. LASTLY, we want to give a BIG THANKS to ALL those involved in our build process including Dominic Dominguez (upholstery), Ricky Figueroa (stereo installation), Phil Moreno (truck caricature logo design), Ralph Vasquez (financial support).  And especially a VERY SPECIAL THANKS to our MAIN SPONSORS (George Cairo Engineering, Demers Glass, Rockford Fosgate) that have supported us on our build from the very very beginning!  


Check out their website:
Check them out on Facebook:
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Rutgers Jitney Fleet

Here are two great vehicles that hit it hard at Rutgers.   These sweet rigs are owned by Ken Forberger, Mike Green, Graig Fergusson, Justin Tellone, and Andre Tanskey.  Here's what they had to say:


Ken says: We have a Jitney Fleet of 2 tailgate vehicles.  The bus handles all of the people, and the support truck handles all of our equipment.  My family basically started tailgating at Rutgers more than 40 years ago before I was born.  I grew up attending all of the Rutgers Football, Men's & Women's Basketball games with my family.  
While attending Rutgers, I met Mike Green.  He was the Drum Captain of the Marching Band, and I was the Drum Major of the Marching Scarlet Knights: The Pride of New Jersey.  I had known Justin Tellone from HS, and when he started at Rutgers, we got back together.  I met Graig through Mike, and they were both engineering students at RU, and ended up working together for the same company.  At that company, Andrew Tanskey, was a member of the staff, and Graig and Mike brought him to our tailgate crew.  Andrew's father-in-law has a long history supporting Rutgers, and he was no stranger to Rutgers, but we were excited Andrew decided to officially join the Jitney Crew.  

You can find at at every Rutgers Football game this fall in the Scarlet Lot, which is directly attached to the west side of High Point Solutions Stadium.  The Jitney also makes its way to all Men's and Women's Basketball games.
Jitney Fleet Owners Group: (We refer to ourselves as the "Rutgers Jitney Motorcoach Builders of America")




Rutgers Jitney - Vehicle 1
Purchased: 02/26/2011 for $3400
Work Began: 06/01/2011
Work Complete: 08/31/2012 for $10,000
Vehicle Information: 1997 Champion CM2 - Coach Built on a GM P-30 Rolling Chassis with the 5.7L V8.
Atlantic City Jitney Association:  AC has had the same Jitney body design going back to the 50s, and this was the last of that kind when they switched over to natural gas.  No more of these exist, and it is a uniquely NJ item, so we had to use it as the base for our truck.  It's instantly recognized everywhere it goes.
Work Completed: (All work completed by us.  100%)
-Interior completely gutted and painted red, black, and white (Handi-Cap Lift removed)
-Custom built benches with full storage underneath were added
-Kegorator was installed with tap
-Cell phone charging station with caddy added to the shevling around kegorator
-Vehicle sound system was upgraded to ipod/iphone, and bluetooth capabiilty with navigation
-Entire front dash, floor, and steps were completely modified and painted black
-Invertor installed allowing us to use alternator, generator, or even house power.
-New brakes, rotors, ball joints
-Exterior was completely taken down as well.  We removed the windows in order to paint the vehicle.  We used a friend's shop in the area in order to paint the vehicle making a paint booth out of plastic sheets.  Windows and trim were painted black.  Bus was changed from sky blue to red and black,
-Custom block R out of aircraft grade aluminum was added to the front grille.
-Replaced all wheel well trim, body trim, and custom battery door.
-Finishing touches were added in the form of decals
2012 Recognition
-2012 Bold Tailgate Award Winner for Best Vehicle by the Roosevelts
-2012 Miller Lite Tailgater of the Game - Homecoming Game
-2012 Miller Lite Tailgater of the Year Participant

Rutgers Jitney: Special Operations - Tailgate Division Truck - Vehicle 2
Purchased: 03/15/2013 - $3400
Work Began: 03/16/2013
Work Complete: 04/26/2013 - $1500
Vehicle Information:  2003 Chevy Express 3500 - Utility Body - 6.0L Chevy V8
George Young & Co:  We were lucky enough to find this vehicle's utility body was already the right shade of red, and the cab just a black.  So, we decided to purchase it and go with a SWAT theme.  We debuted this on 04/27/2013 at the Rutgers Spring Football Game.
Work Completed:
-Sand and use bed-liner on all of the cabinet interiors, main body interior diamond plate, and various shelving. 
-2 new front tires, brakes, rotors, ball joints, all fluids changed
-Decal the exterior of the truck
Read more about the Rutgers Jitney Fleet on social media and articles:
Rutgers University Article:  A Jitney Re-Done Rutgers Style


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Real Steel Tailgaters

Real Steel Tailgaters was officially born on January 3, 2012 to a spirited group of dedicated football fans! We had tailgated together for years at different spots and finally decided to start our own, showing off our true Texans’ spirit. Combining our love of a good time with a wide range of individual strengths provided us with a strong, united group. We all have the same vision in mind: keep it ‘REAL’ by providing a fun, exciting atmosphere that supports our Texans.

We all pulled our money together and bought "The Beast" as we lovingly call her off ebay, and then she was on her way to Texas. She was originally a police SWAT truck from Lancaster County, PA, which tied in perfectly to our slogan; "Stop Working And Tailgate".  We decided on the name ‘Real Steel Tailgaters’ as it represented the vehicle, the strength behind our tailgate and our team heritage of Deep Steel Blue.

Complete restoration took about five months start to finish.  Everyone on the team pitched in somehow whether it was building the keg boxes or giving her a good bath. We had no "off season" that year as each day brought about a new idea or plan.  We all had small heart attacks the night before her "debut" when she wouldn't start, but being the "beast" that she is, she pulled through!




We made sure all her "bells and whistles" still worked, maintaining the integrity of her roots and are activated after each Texans score. 


Each week our core group of ten members prepares appetizers, sides, sweets and a main meal that goes along with the visiting team theme for over 100 guests. We serve up all the deliciousness in the Yellow Lot of Reliant Stadium. Our themes have included Shrimp Boils for Dolphins, Brats for Packers and Buffalo Wings for well, Buffalo! We would write Barbecue for Kansas City, but this is Texas and we believe OURS is the best.  One of our favorite meal to prepare is clearly Thanksgiving.  We fry up and bake about ten turkeys and serve them with all the traditional Thanksgiving trimmings, it is delicious!


 Our favorite features involve beer, of course!  We have two taps that are plumbed into The Beast herself, you can walk right up and tap yourself a cold one.  The taps are sustained in a keg box that doesn’t require direct ice but pours a perfectly cold brew.  We also have a "Quad Bong"; a four spout beer bong that brings a lot of attention whenever a race begins. Real Steel also sports a specially made beer bong/flip cup table and custom washer set.



Along with beer, Real Steel also provides a "Battle Red Bloody Mary" bar served with the world famous Benny's Bloody Mary Beef Straw in the mornings, over 500 "Jell-O Swat Shots" and delicious sangria for the afternoons.



A built in Generator powers two 55" TV's, one that pulls out of a side compartment and another that free stands for folks who'd rather tailgate outside and still see the game and they can under tents with shade, plenty of shade and general party atmosphere.


Our first season was a huge success and Real Steel immediately became one of the premier places to come hang out, meet new people and enjoy the game day experience. The crowds that come are also extremely generous helping us to give back to the community.  Last year during our rookie season, we held a food drive for the Houston Food Bank  during Thanksgiving and then a Toy Drive  during Christmas for Toys for Tots.  Our Season of Giving carried over to begin  the 2013 year with a "Pencils and Play-Books" Back to School Supply Drive. We will also be hosting a benefit this year during the NFL's "Salute to Service" dedicated to the four Houston Firefighters that were tragically killed in the line of duty and the thirteen others that were injured.

Our ultimate future goal would be to tailgate at a Superbowl that the Texans are WINNING! Hey, you gotta believe in your team, right?  

Core Members: left to right Kimmy & Larry Uren, Mike & Sheri Maston, Anthony Alexander, Brandon Vorse, Jana & Wade Richards, Ashley & Denise Ashna


Everyone is welcome to stop by Real Steel and support our Houston Texans, we hope to see you soon!

You can see more at:
They also have a facebook page:

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Fatal Accident at Yale Bowl Highlights Tailgating Debate

For administrators at Yale and Harvard, it is a nightmare to be confronted every other fall: how to best regulate the student tailgate area at the alcohol-fueled, tradition-bound spectacle known reverently as the Game.

Students, most of them with high SAT scores and low interest in football, lobby fiercely for the right to forsake their studious dignity for one Saturday morning and guzzle cheap beer while tromping in a muddy field. Some may eventually stumble into the Yale Bowl or Harvard Stadium; many others will not.
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Tap Boards Keeps Your Beer Organized

Tap Boards

Variety is a good thing. If you are extremely loyal to one type of beer, you can stop reading here. However, if you are a promoter of assortment, and can appreciate the difference between a Belgian Trippel and Belgian Dubbel, you will soon find yourself buried alive in a pile of beer tap handles. To keep your beer organized, check out Tap Boards ($40). These handcrafted walnut-finished beer taps hold a chalkboard inserts that you let you erase and re-label your brew every time you switch out a keg. They work great for the home bar with kegerators.


New Tailgating Game Alert: Keg Bowling

Keg Bowling may take a while to catch on, but once it does, watch out! Thanks to Steve from Cleveland for sending this one in to us.

UPDATE: Keg bowling for the whole family! Thanks to Mark for sending this one.


Back by Popular Demand: Failed Keg Stands

Here we go:

This is just a disaster from start to finish.

And finally...


BUBBA KEG seeks World’s Greatest Tailgaters

Bubba KegThe folks behind the Bubba Keg® brand of insulated mugs, coolers, and the new Bubba Keg Convection Grill, have launched a search for the World’s best tailgaters. The Bubba Keg staff will be selecting 30 “professional” tailgate teams to compete in their Bubba U Competitive Tailgating Series (BCTS). One winning team will receive an all expenses paid trip to the National Championship Game in Pasadena, CA.

To start the season, each team will be outfitted with a complete Bubba Keg professional tailgaters’ package valued at over $1500, including:

  • A Bubba Keg Convection Grill
  • A Bubba Keg Professional Tailgater Pop-Up Tent (10’ x10’)
  • A full selection of Bubba Keg mugs & coolers

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Tailgating Unassisted Keg Stands Gone Wrong

There is one right way to do a keg stand, and so many unassisted wrong ways. Warning: We DO NOT encourage "Unassisted Keg Stands," but we love to watch them.

Example 1:

Example 2:


An Oversized Koozie for Kegs?

Keg Koozie / Keg InsulatorSummertime is almost here, and that means outdoor grillin’ and drinkin.’ However, when you involve a keg into your plans, it does add extra challenges. First off, you have to equip yourself with loads of ice to keep feeding your thirsty little tin friend. Also, if you have the keg sitting on dirt, it can equate to a muddy mess. The entire situation can be avoided with the new Keg Insulator Sock from Keg Works.

Simply grab a custom ice blanket from the freezer and slide it into the keg jacket (which is wrapped around your keg) to keep your keg good and cold. The keg jacket is made of heavy-duty neoprene to maintain the temperature for up to 24 hours and prevent condensation build up. Lightweight and collapsible, you can lay the jacket flat or roll it for storage.

The jacket is made up of heavy-duty ¼” thick insulated neoprene, and comes with one ice blanket. Fits standard 15.5 gallon U.S. Half Keg.