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Ryobi 2,200 Watt Digital Inverter Generator

Click for larger versionWhen it comes to having power in the tailgate lot, the reigning champion has been the Honda EU series. This was primarily due to there being no competitors. But a new player is in the game. The Ryobi 2200 is the same size, more power, and almost half the price of the Honda. But how does it stack up?

Here's a quick run-down between the two.

  Ryobi Honda
Starting Watts 2200 2000
Running Watts 1800 1600
Rated Amperage 15A 13.3A
Starting Recoil Recoil
Fuel Tank 1 Gal 0.95 Gal
Weight 51 Pounds 47 Pounds
Parallel Capable Yes Yes


In running both side by side, a feature that both has is a smart idle. This means that unless the generator needs more power, it will turn the engine at a lower RPM to keep your neighbors happy.  Both units ramp up RPMs quickly, but the Ryobi gets back down to idle RPMs faster.  Both units are inverter style generators, which is good if you will be running any electronics.  The Ryobi was great at powering our typical gear, which includes a home AV receiver, two DirecTV receivers, a 42" LCD, a 32" LCD, two scrolling LED boards, 2 crock pots and a roasting pan.


As you can see, both units are similar in size. The Ryobi has dual handles for better handling, as well as a one hand operated extendible handle for rolling across the lot. This might not sound like a big deal, but if you are joining up with friends, and you have the generator, it is much more fun to pull a generator than to have to carry it.  Honda has an option for a cart, but it is another $99.

The one thing that both units lack is an hour meter. I've installed one on the Honda, and it will be very easy to install one on the Ryobi. This will help you know when to change the oil, as well as exactly how many hours you have been hitting it hard!

Having a generator at the tailgate allows an entire new level of enjoyment.  Crockpots in the winter, roasting pans to keep food warm, television and music, party lights, it goes on and on.

Will the Ryobi dethrone the Honda as the king of the Tailgate Lot? Only time will tell. As more tailgaters step up their game, the Ryobi is certainly a strong player in the market. No longer do you have to spend close to $1000 on quiet power. No longer do you have to get a 100 pound noise maker. The Ryobi comes in a small package, gives BIG power, and sips the fuel. That is a win in this Tailgating professionals opinion.  I look forward to getting more hours under it as the season progresses.

Currently, The Home Depot is selling this unit for $599.


Being a good neighbor: Quiet generators

We've all seen it.  We've all heard it.  We've all been next to 'that guy.'  The big loud, smelly generator that they bought for Y2K.  While they put out a good amount of power, you will pay with your hearing.

Five years ago, I bought a Honda EU2000i generator.  Not only are they quiet, they are very fuel efficient. We've gone up to 8 hours on 1 tank (~1 gallon) of gas.

You can join two of these generators together to get even more power.

The Honda also has an "ECO" mode, where it will run at lower RPMs until the load increases.  Even at the higher RPM, it is still very quiet.

The first time I've come across one of these generators, I stood there like an idiot wondering if it was even on, because there was a noise maker generator across the aisle in the lot.

The problem with these generators is the price.  While they are spendy, as they say: "Buy once, Cry once."  It is money well spent for a great setup.


Duracell Powerpack Powers the Tailgate Party

Duracell Powerpack Tailgate Generator

The Duracell® Powerpack 600 provides a great source of power without breaking the bank or stealing tailgating storage. The system is a stand-alone source of portable power for AC and DC-powered electronics such as televisions, satellite systems, portable coolers, video game systems, fans, and other small appliances. It features a rugged design that boasts 600 watts of heavy duty AC power helping you operate various electronics during your tailgate. In addition, the Powerpack 600 holds enough juice to jump-start a car, and includes jumper cables to connect to your car battery. With its reverse-polarity protection, you can't damage your battery by hooking the cables up wrong. The Duracell® Powerpack 600 is not meant to replace a generator, but it does act great as a complement to one.

Additional images of the Duracell Powerpack 600 (Click on the images to enlarge)