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Monday Morning Wake Up Call: UCLA

UCLA Cheerleaders

UCLA Bruins get the Wake Up Call this week after crushing the Longhorns on their home turf.

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TailgateWiki: Keeping Tailgaters Informed

With all the “wiki’s” popping up online, you knew it was only a matter of time before there was one developed on our favorite subject: tailgating. Introducing! It was developed loosely on the concept of Wikipedia, where everyone is an expert on something. The thousands of tailgaters that flock to stadiums all across the country are experts when it comes to their local stadium, tailgating rules, traditions, and hidden hints that only those that tailgate regularly know. is a place to share that information to not only “pay it forward” for your fellow hometown tailgaters, but for visiting fans alike. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to follow your team on the road, and still tailgate like you were at your home stadium? Rather than spending hours of research trying to find the right information on when gates open, if you could use charcoal, or what items are banned in the parking lot, you now have a one-stop-shop, where all that information is stored. was started a few months ago, and some team pages are chock full of great information and insider tips. Check out a sample tailgate at the Chargers Tailgate Page.

You even can earn achievement badges based on your activity and how many pages you update. So get over to, and start adding what you know.


7 Days 'Til College Football Kicks Off

That's right! Only 7 days left until college football kicks off again! Nothing like a "biggest hits" vid to get everyone back into the swing of things.


Monday Morning Wake Up Call: Oregon

Oregon Cheerleader

The Monday Morning Wake Up Call is headed out west this week, and landing right in the PAC 10 (er, PAC whatever they are calling themselves these days). When it comes to uniforms, Oregon has got it down to an absolute science. It helps having Nike in your backyard.

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Monday Morning Wake Up Call: Arizona 2

Arizona Wildcat TailgatersIf you think our "Monday Morning Wake Up Call" is visiting Arizona way too much, we aren't. Things are just that good out there.


Monday Morning Wake Up Call: Tempe

Check out, which brings you the hottests girls from the nation's best colleges. Sara is from UC Berkeley and is Miss August in the 2008 Pac10 calendar.


Monday Morning Wake Up Call: Arizona State 2

Arizona State Hot Tailgate GirlsArizona State may have lost to Georgia, but with girls like this pulling for you, how can you really be called a loser? And yes, we know, ASU has already been on the "Wake Up Call," but did you see this picture?


Show Off Your Team Pride at the Tailgate

The Skinit Tailgate PackI'm sure many of you have already seen the Carnivore (Ultimate Tailgating Pickup) featured in The Skinit Tailgate Pack commercials on ESPN. Skinit Tailgate Packs allow all sports fans to show their spirit by personalizing their vehicle with their favorite team’s logo, colors and mascot and celebrate the ultimate tailgate party experience. It's a pretty nice add-on to your more traditional magnet helmets and mascots.

“Skinit Tailgate Packs are a great way for fans to boldly show their team spirit while preparing and celebrating before and after the game,” said Paul Buss, CEO of Skinit. “Tailgating is so much of a part of the game-day experience today that we are now allowing sports fans to show their team loyalty in the biggest way possible – on their vehicle.”

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The Band is On the Field: Welcome Back, College Football!

College Football is back! If this replay from 1982 doesn't give you goose bumps, then you are either not a college football fan, or a Stanford fan.

Monday Morning Wake Up Call: GAME WEEK!

As we head into our first actual game week of the year, we want to remind our readers that...actually, we don't want to remind you of anything, we just want you to enjoy this really great, nationally televised chick fight. The funniest part of this whole quarrel is the dude in the brown shirt letting this whole thing play on. Play on, Playa.