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Manage Registrations for Your Tailgate Tourney

Tailgate Tourney OnlineIf you have ever managed a Cornhole tournament, you know what a pain in the ass it is to collect money from participants and manage paperwork. A company based in Bethesda, Maryland is aiming to take all the guess work out of tourney planning with its online bracket manager at Compete-At provides an easy, turnkey solution for tailgate game organizers, which enables you to accept online registrations, memberships, credit card payments from participants.

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The Worst Possible Flip Cup Conditions

The next time you hear someone complain during a flip cup game about a breezy 5 MPH wind, remind them it could be worse. Here is Exhibit A. By the way, the girl in the orange is our pick for MVP, in a losing effort. Not only was she the only one-flipper, she was trying to block the blizzard winds as well! Kudos to you, girl in orange jacket.


Beer Pong Table Plans to be World's Largest

3000 CUPS 1000 BEERS 6 KEGS of BEER every time you play. If you have a bigger table out there, we would love to see it. We only have one question: How do you carry that with you to the tailgate?