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Tailgate TV Stand

Check out the Tailgate TV Stand, a hitch-mounted swiveling flat panel TV mount that is Made in the USA.  This gets the TV out of the back of your SUV, or off that shaky table that everyone seems to bump into.



The Tailgate TV Stand (TTS) comes in two different sizes, standard and heavy duty.  The main difference between the two is the weight capacity, with the standard holding up to 40 pounds, and the heavy duty holding up to 70 lbs.  There is also a "tailgate down" model that will swing over the tailgate when it is lowered, due to the extended hitch tube.  Not shown here is the addition of an accessories tray that mounts to the vertical tubing.



Setting the TTS up is extremely simple.  After unboxing, place the hitch mount into the 2" reciever of your vehicle and secure it with a standard 5/8" pin.  Next place the pivot arm in the low friction bushing on the hitch mount.  Finally put the TV support arm into the bushing of the pivot arm.  You can then mount your standard flatpanel mount onto the TV support arm (standard flat panel mount not included, since there are many different styles out there, and most people have a mount already).


The quality of the TTS is top notch.  It is powdercoated for durability.  The connections between the swiveling pieces moves extremely smooth with or without the supplied lubrication.  It is very effortless.

If you set your mount on the TV correctly, you can even swing the TV entirely into your SUV in cases of bad weather, or to help with glare.  I know a lot of people set up tents at the back of their ride, and having the TV in the SUV frees up that much more space.


As you can see in the above pictures, the TTS comes apart and stores away in a very small, compact area.  This is critical when you have a lot of gear to load into your vehicle.  Like I mentioned above, the TTS goes from sitting in your vehicle to being set up in less than 30 seconds if you are pushing it.  Super fast, super easy, and great looking.  The logos on the tubing look good, and there is plenty of space to add your own logos to it for that personal touch.


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The All-In-One Tow-Hitch Grill and Cooler Tailgating System

Coleman Tailgate GrillSticking to yesterday’s theme, we are going to follow up on tailgating real estate with this all-in-one tow-hitch grill and cooler system, The Tail-Gator Grill. This incredible tailgate gadget features a grill, 48 quart slide-out cooler, and two 12" x 17.5" HDPE (food grade) removable tabletops. The Coleman grill features 285 square inches of grilling surface, and operates on two 16.4 oz. propane tanks with open flame drip through grilling, and push button ignition. The tables’ tops can be stored vertically for easy transportation and cleaning. The best part about this fully equipped tailgating system is the hitch mount that can lock on to any 2” receiver. If you are looking for a full tailgating solution, this is the one. The Tail-Gator Grill sells for $625.99, and you can find it at The Tailgating Pros.


Tailgating Barbecue Pits and Smokers

Tailgate Pit Barbecue on HitchGator Pit of Texas began with the idea of a tailgating grill/smoker over 10 years ago, and the rest was history. They created one of the most functional and unique Barbecue pits on the market that allows most pickup truck tailgates, SUV rear doors, and van doors to open without having to remove these amazing tailgating smokers or grills.

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Tailgate Slideout Cargo Carrier Review

This amazing tailgate cargo carrier actually slides with its twin tube telescoping design, so you can get easy access to the back of your SUV. The gray case is designed with a clamshell style-opening lid, which includes the locks to secure all your tailgating gear inside the carrier. It also has a hard point channel cross bar to provide weight distribution, and an adjustable attachment point for the cargo carrier itself. This carrier does include 2 rattle reducing silent hitch pins with one being for the hitch itself and the other for the telescoping piece. The system also comes with an LED lighting system, which includes a stop, turn, tail, and license plate lights.


Cruise the Tailgate Scene with a Fold Up Golf Cart

Some tailgaters like to remain on their "claimed territory" until gametime, and others just can't seem to sit still. Well, if you're one of those tailgaters who like to roam around to check out the scene, here is the best way to do it. The RV RoVer is the first 4-seater golf cart that doesn't use a trailer or rack to be hauled. The vehicle can be disassembled and attached to any class 2 or 3 hitch in less than 4 minutes.

Product Update: Tailgate Partymate Table System

Tailgate Partymate Table SystemWay back in March we wrote a quick post (/content/gadgets/failed-tailgate-inventions-tailgate-partymate) about the Tailgate Partymate Table System, and about how we loved the product except for its small flaw. We are pleased to report the flaw, which was about covering the license plate during vehicle motion, has been corrected. The unit now ships with a special license plate mounting frame to comply with all local and state laws, but be sure to check your local laws for compliance. So now, as promised in our last post, we can truly say that this product is a great way to gain some table real estate, and increase your tailgate area.

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Failed Tailgate Inventions: Tailgate Partymate

Don't get us wrong. It's not that we don't like this product; it looks like a great way to gain some table real estate. We just have one question: Can it really be all that legal to drive down the street with a 4' x 3' piece of metal covering your license plate? If that issue gets fixed, we are all for this product!

The Take A Seat: A Hitchable Tailgate Chair

Take a Seat Tailgate SystemNot everyone is into converting an RV or Bus into a tailgating machine with patios and second decks. The Take A Seat System is perfect for smaller, more intimate tailgate parties or for simply transporting cargo.

The system has a weather-resistant cargo carrier that can hold up to 500 lbs. of tailgate gear, but then turns into a heavy-duty bench seat for two in seconds when the party gets started.

The Take A Seat System is constructed in sturdy 2" square steel tube, and comes with a powder-coat finish. The fabric used in the Take A Seat is UV protected and is made of 600D oxford fabric with a polyurethane coating to stand up to those hot, soggy Saturdays or Sundays.

With its 2-in-1 tailgating capabilities, the Take A Seat System provides a great solution to improvised seating!