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Backyard Barkeep Serves Up Drinks to Tailgaters

Backyard BarkeepThere are two annoying party fouls that can occur while throwing some cornhole. You can either A) spill your drink while using the board as a slanted drink stand, or B) spill your drink in the middle of your throw. Either way, you’re gonna end up with a bad outcome. That’s why I’m a fan of the Backyard Barkeep. It not only holds your drink, but also opens your beers, and it keeps score for you on cornhole, washers, bags, or horseshoes.

The folks behind Backyard Barkeep even offer two versions of this handy little tailgate gadget. They have the backyard version, which comes equipped with a metal spike to drive into your lawn. Or they also offer the tailgate version that features a sturdy stand to thrown down on the pavement. Their packaged sets include two stands, two coozies, one score card, and two score card clips to keep track of your score.

The Backyard Barkeep will even hold your keys, wallets, handbags and even lunch according to the makers. If you want to learn more, you can check them out


Manage Registrations for Your Tailgate Tourney

Tailgate Tourney OnlineIf you have ever managed a Cornhole tournament, you know what a pain in the ass it is to collect money from participants and manage paperwork. A company based in Bethesda, Maryland is aiming to take all the guess work out of tourney planning with its online bracket manager at Compete-At provides an easy, turnkey solution for tailgate game organizers, which enables you to accept online registrations, memberships, credit card payments from participants.

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Do Some Tailgating On Your iPhone

Tailgate Games on iPhoneWe may have found an item that can help relieve some of the tailgate withdrawal going around. A new application for the iPhone and iPod, entitled "Tailgate Games" recently made its debut on iTunes. The game comes complete with 4 different tailgate games to play, which include Cornhole, Horse Shoes, Ladder Golf, and Washers. There is even a tournament mode that lets you unlock opponents as you advance through the bracket. Another cool feature is its stats system that keeps track of how many holes you've hit in Cornhole and other such numbers. Each game follows its official rules and regulations as stated by its governing authority.

We figure that if we can't go to the tailgate, why not bring the tailgate to us.