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Throw On Some Vintage NFL Tailgate Garb

Junk Food NFL Tshirts

Just because you weren’t born for the Dolphins perfect season of ’72 or to watch Ditka coach Da Bears to an almost perfect season in 1985, doesn’t mean you can’t look like you were. Junk Food, whose already known for bringing back only the good from past, has launched its line of vintage NFL Tees ($32-40) for your enjoyment.

These t-shirts are guaranteed to make a last week bandwagon jumper look like an avid die-hard follower. So if you are having trouble hiding your Steeler Pride, or believe Real Men Wear Black, and you’re positive that on the Eight Day God Created the Packers, then you definitely need to get one of these perfectly faded tees, and dress yourself FTD.


NFL Tailgating is Back, and in Full Swing Last Night!

NFL Tailgating is back, and there are new tailgating vehicles that we have yet to discover. Check out the scene inside this sweet tailgate machine before last night's kickoff. Remember, if you own a tailgate vehicle or simply know of one, please email us at

Steelers Tailgate Chest Bumps Go Wrong

I don't know what I'm more impressed with, the guy who laid the smacketh down, or the dude wearing a tank top in that weather.

Steelers Tailgate Inventor

First off, I'm only about 90% sure these guys weren't speaking English. Second, they may be on to something that can be bigger than all of us. A backpack keg! The only issue would be trying to convince the search down guys to let you into the stadium.