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Visual Guide to BBQ

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Grill Easy Natural Lump Charcoal In A Box

Grilling at the Tailgate Lot can be an issue for the unprepared.  Some bring smokers, some bring small propane grills, some bring full size webers, and some have hitch mounted grills.  We've done reviews on portable grilling in the past, but there is another option out there.

Purists of the grill will sing the praises of lump charcoal.  The flavor off lump charcoal can't be beat, and it burns hotter than normal coals.  Not to mention all the chemicals that some of the preformed briquettes have in them...


Say hello to Grill Easy, which gives you the great taste and performances of lump charcoal in a easy to transport package.

Grill Easy comes in a cardboard box that you simply light and wait.  In 15 minutes, the box will have burned away leaving you with a nice bed of hot natural lump charcoal to grill over.


The construction of the box helps keep airflow around the coals, ensuring a great burn.  No having to pack a chimney, no packing lighter fluid. And man will this stuff perform.  using a air temp probe, I measured the temperature at 575 degrees!


The Grill Easy solves a great problem.  No more garbage bags / styrofoam coolers / burn in bag containers full of briquets.  No bringing lighter fluid.  No bringing a chimney.  This package flat out works.  Great long lasting heat for all your grilling.  Going to the local park?  No problem.  Just pack a Grill Easy and you are set.

The Grill Easy can be found in at certain brick and mortar stores on the east coast right now, or on their website (

You can read more about Grill Easy at their website:
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EZ Grill - Portable Grilling Made Easy

Sometimes, you want great grilled foods, but don't have access to a grill.  The EZ Grill is a portable, disposable grill that is fully recyclable. When you open the package, you will fina a foil pan, stand, grill grate and all natural instance charcoal.

Simply unpackage the grill and light the bag with a match, and you are good to go in about 10-15 minutes.  The amount of sustained heat from such a small package was impressive.  We were able to grill 4 thick burgers without issue, and still had heat to spare.  It should produce usable heat for 1-1.5 hours.  We've also run hotdogs and beer brats on this grill, simmering the brats on the EZ Grill for 15 minutes before grilling them.



I never thought a portable grill would be as handy as this unit. It is as easy as can be. Grilling is easy, clean up is easy, and the cost is down right cheap.

I keep a spare EZ Grill around for those terrible times when you are grilling on a propane grill, and you run out of gas (we've all had it happen).  The EZ Grill is certainly a winner!


Grill Grates Are Simply Amazing

If you are like us at TailgateLot, sometimes they gear you bring to the tailgate isn't as nice as you'd use at your house.  We have an old grill that we've make to look like a football helmet and mounted on the front of our rig.  The problems with cheaper grills is that they can start to show their flaws when cooking a lot of traditional fatty tailgating foods.

Enter the Grill Grate.  This is an addition to practically any grill out there, as they sit on top of the existing grates.  They will help to reduce and eliminate flare up and provide more even cooking.  Knowing our grill, and the devestation it takes, I was very interested in this product.  

The Grill Grates are made from aluminum, and the panels come in many different sizes.  They interlock forming a solid surface to grill upon.  Once installed, the Grill Grate will give you new dimensions in cooking, as they will provide infrared heating to your food, along with conduction and convection.  

I used hamburgers as my first test of the Grill Grate.  After a few minutes on one side, I gave them a quarter turn, and let them cook a few minutes longer before flipping.  The marks that the Grill Grate leaves on the food is gorgeous.  The cooking was extremely even, and best of all, NO FLARE UP AT ALL!

My next test was a steak.  The Grill Grate shines with steaks.  In the 2013 World Championship Steak Cook-Off, the top 3 finishers all used GrillGrate!  In fact, 1st place the past three years has been grilled with Grill Grate.  I'm not a world champion steak griller, but even my steaks came off looking world class.

Grill Grate is a must have for any grill setup out there.  Gas, charcoal, you name it.  The end product tastes great, and looks even better.

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Thermoworks Thermapen: Digital Instant Thermometer

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When cooking, the only true way to know when something is done to perfection is to know the temperature.  Sure you can press a steak with a finger, but that really doesn't let you know what is going on inside.

The Themapen by Thermoworks is about the best digital thermometer that you can buy.  Sure there are others, but they are either slow, inacurate, or too bulky.

The accuracy of the Thermapen boasts a 3 second reading with +- .7 degree accuracy and .1 degree resolution.  It is good from -58 to 572 degrees.  The probe itself tapers down to a very thin point, so that you don't leave a giant hole in whatever you are checking.

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They come in 14 colors now, and are splash-proof as well, so you don't have to worry about the occasional contact with liquid.

The price on the Thermopen is more than your casual thermometer.  But your casual thermometer is slow and inaccurate!  I've been using Thermapens in my cooking for 5+ years.  I like it so much I even bought one for my dad for father's day!

You can read more about the Thermapen at:

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Monday Morning Wakeup Call: Arianny & Brittany

Good Monday morning to you!  Let's start out the week properly.  Get those grills ready for tailgating season!



Knowing When To End Your Tailgate

The tailgate is a given right and a time-honored tradition for sports fans that should never be fully sacrificed. But it’s important to remember that the tailgate isn’t the only thing on the docket when spending hours in the stadium’s parking lot.

Grilled food and cold beverages with close friends are merely a precursor to what matters most: the game. Pulling away from the grill and ending the party is tough. Shuffling through the crowd to enter the stadium is a tedious affair and, therefore, understandably postponed. The problem is that it’s unfair to the home team.

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Auburn Fans Turn Casket into Tailgating Grill

Seen on the Auburn Family message boards, here's a nice charcoal grill out of a CASKET!
There is grilling space, a hot box, and condiment storage section on the left.
First one of those that I've seen!

Tailgating Fail: You're doing it wrong

This person is clearly doing it wrong!



Atomic Buffalo Turds

Atomic Buffalo Turds are a great appetizer at a tailgate (or anywhere).  The true ABT has the bacon wrapped around the pepper, but laying the bacon on top saves a lot of time and yields the same result.

  • 20 large jalapeno peppers
  • 20 pieces of thick cut bacon
  • 1 package of little smokies (your choice of flavor)
  • 2 cups fine shredded cheddar cheese
  • 1 package cream cheese
  1. Mix cream cheese and cheddar cheese together in a bowl. 
  2. Cut jalapeno peppers in half, leaving stems in, and remove all seeds and core.
  3. Fill jalapeno half with cheese mixture, put a smokie in the middle and top with a half piece of bacon.
  4. Secure bacon with a toothpick thru the center of the smokie and pepper.
  5. Put on a grill or smoker over low heat until the bacon is to your liking.  The peppers will look over cooked but that is the way they should be.