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Grill Easy Natural Lump Charcoal In A Box

Grilling at the Tailgate Lot can be an issue for the unprepared.  Some bring smokers, some bring small propane grills, some bring full size webers, and some have hitch mounted grills.  We've done reviews on portable grilling in the past, but there is another option out there.

Purists of the grill will sing the praises of lump charcoal.  The flavor off lump charcoal can't be beat, and it burns hotter than normal coals.  Not to mention all the chemicals that some of the preformed briquettes have in them...


Say hello to Grill Easy, which gives you the great taste and performances of lump charcoal in a easy to transport package.

Grill Easy comes in a cardboard box that you simply light and wait.  In 15 minutes, the box will have burned away leaving you with a nice bed of hot natural lump charcoal to grill over.


The construction of the box helps keep airflow around the coals, ensuring a great burn.  No having to pack a chimney, no packing lighter fluid. And man will this stuff perform.  using a air temp probe, I measured the temperature at 575 degrees!


The Grill Easy solves a great problem.  No more garbage bags / styrofoam coolers / burn in bag containers full of briquets.  No bringing lighter fluid.  No bringing a chimney.  This package flat out works.  Great long lasting heat for all your grilling.  Going to the local park?  No problem.  Just pack a Grill Easy and you are set.

The Grill Easy can be found in at certain brick and mortar stores on the east coast right now, or on their website (

You can read more about Grill Easy at their website:
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