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Dizzy Bat Gone Wrong: But He Didn't Spill The Beer


Nothing like watching a nice game of Dizzy Bat, and getting a bat the face.  Nice save on the beer though!


Scorzie. Keeping score in style!


Hello fellow tailgaters!

Today I got my hands on a great new product: The Scorzie.

The Scorzie incorporates a can coozie with a dual score keeper for your favorite tailgating game.  As you can see, there are two bands to keep track with.

My first concern when seeing pictures of the Scorzie was how easily it would be to accidentally change score during the REAL game (drinking).  

Don't worry, as there are positive steps for each number on the coozie.  Just enough friction to keep the numbers in place, but still easy enough to move.

I was really impressed with the quality of this unit.  They have done a great job with this.

You can get your own by going to the Scorzie website at


Go Big on Beer Pong

Girls Playing BearPong

If you've mastered beer pong, and are looking to take on something a little bigger, you need to check out BEARPONG ($65).

BEARPONG is an oversized portable Beer Pong set that can be played anywhere. This set is great to thrown down at the beach, tailgates, poolside, cookouts, and yards.

My first thought when I saw this product was, you're going to need a helluva lotta beer to hold those cups down. Actually, they use a patent pending weighted system to hold down the cups...err...buckets. The deluxe set comes complete with 12 buckets, 3 balls, ball pump, and a unique carrying case to get you started.

You can check them out for more information at


Monday Morning Wake Up Call: Port-O-Pong

Port-O-Pong Girls

With football getting ready to officially kick off in just over a week, make sure you have all your tailgating goodies ready to go. Get ready for tailgate season with the Port-O-Pong Portable Beer Pong Table.

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New Tailgating Game: Polish Horseshoes

Polish Horseshoe

It seems like everyday we learn about more and more tailgating games that keep surfacing across parking lots across the country. However, this is the first game that we have heard of that requires you to be holding a beer in hand during game play, or face penalty. Now that I have your attention, I'd like to present Polish Horseshoe, which is also known as Frisbeer or Beersbie.

The game involves two team members trying to knock down the other's team beer can off the pole with a Frisbee. We, of course, recommend using a soda can to avoid any unnecessary beer spillage. Much like regular horseshoes, there are different points awarded for different types of results.

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Backyard Barkeep Serves Up Drinks to Tailgaters

Backyard BarkeepThere are two annoying party fouls that can occur while throwing some cornhole. You can either A) spill your drink while using the board as a slanted drink stand, or B) spill your drink in the middle of your throw. Either way, you’re gonna end up with a bad outcome. That’s why I’m a fan of the Backyard Barkeep. It not only holds your drink, but also opens your beers, and it keeps score for you on cornhole, washers, bags, or horseshoes.

The folks behind Backyard Barkeep even offer two versions of this handy little tailgate gadget. They have the backyard version, which comes equipped with a metal spike to drive into your lawn. Or they also offer the tailgate version that features a sturdy stand to thrown down on the pavement. Their packaged sets include two stands, two coozies, one score card, and two score card clips to keep track of your score.

The Backyard Barkeep will even hold your keys, wallets, handbags and even lunch according to the makers. If you want to learn more, you can check them out


The NTL to Invade Irish Hills in Search of Top Tailgaters

National Tailgate LeagueThe National Tailgating League (The NTL) presented by Budweiser will make its next stop on the 2010 NTL NASCAR Tour at Michigan International Speedway for the Show Me the CARFAX race weekend, August 13-15.

The NTL will bring fans a laid back tailgating environment to socialize with fellow fans while competing for cash and race-related prizes in a combination of Cornhole and Monkey Ball (similar to Ladder Golf) tournaments.

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New Tailgating Game Alert: Keg Bowling

Keg Bowling may take a while to catch on, but once it does, watch out! Thanks to Steve from Cleveland for sending this one in to us.

UPDATE: Keg bowling for the whole family! Thanks to Mark for sending this one.


Manage Registrations for Your Tailgate Tourney

Tailgate Tourney OnlineIf you have ever managed a Cornhole tournament, you know what a pain in the ass it is to collect money from participants and manage paperwork. A company based in Bethesda, Maryland is aiming to take all the guess work out of tourney planning with its online bracket manager at Compete-At provides an easy, turnkey solution for tailgate game organizers, which enables you to accept online registrations, memberships, credit card payments from participants.

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Cornhole Allstars Delivers Real Deal Tailgating on Your iPhone

This is without a doubt the most polished iPhone tailgating related game out there. With its real physics, wind, and silky smooth graphics, Cornhole Allstars does not disappoint. The game features 4 different locations and 4 different characters with the option to multi-play. The game also boasts Facebook integration for braggin' rights!