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Yardgating at Green Bay Lambeau Field

ESPN does a story on the "Yardgating" in Green Bay at Lambeau Field.


What goes on the SEC Network? Tailgating shows...

ESPN Senior Vice President of Programming Justin Connolly, who will oversee the network, envisions programming such as studio news and analysis shows, tailgating shows, classic games, and profiles on SEC athletes, personalities and the league's history.

"We are looking to put what makes the flavor and passion of the SEC onto the screen," Connolly said.


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ESPN is on Top of Things

ESPN, the all-knowing "Yogurt" (see Spaceballs) of sports, has decided to be welcomed into the 2000's by calling Beer Pong "America's next great pastime."

Looks like ESPN fell victim to another slow news day, and decided to bring out a story that was probably meant to be ran shortly after they removed their nose out of the Florida voting debacle. What are they going to report on next? Hip Hop's influence on the NBA.