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SMU Mustang Trailer Takes New Shape

SMU Mustang Tailgating Trailer

After speaking with Robert Mims from Imagi-Motive a few weeks ago, I realized that they are way ahead of the curve when it comes to customizing tailgating vehicles. Take for instance, the SMU Tailgating Trailer, which is their newest model. In the past, tailgate trailers have always been designed around the standard box-trailer design. This is fine, if you are using the trailer to haul around some lawn mowers or a couple of Harleys. But when you want to use a space for a particular purpose, you need to start from scratch. Imagi-Motive has decided to forgo that old boxed-in design, and construct these trailers to spec. Some of the features of the SMU Tailgating Trailer shown above include a flat screen TV, satellite dish, surround speaker system, keg tap system, cup dispenser, wet bar, and swing-out grill.

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UCF's Knight Force One

UCF's Knight Force Once

With the success of Monday’s Wake Up Call, we are going to keep it moving with UCF this week, and bring out Knight Force One. They have been a game day staple since September of 2007, which coincides with the opening of the Knights’ on campus stadium, Brighthouse Networks Stadium.

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Monday Morning Wake Up Call: UCF

UCF Tailgate Girls

Proof that the State of Florida is not just littered with football talent. Here is the off-the-field talent.

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Imagi-Motive Newest Tailgating Toys

Check out the two newest tailgating machines that our friends at Imagi-Motive have put out. The first one is the SMU Tailgating Trailer, which converts into a full bar and grill equipped with flat screens and all. The second is a Northwestern Tailgating Trailer that features two side-by-side flat screen TV's and full surround sound.

SMU Tailgating Trailer

Northwestern Tailgating Trailer