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Bevometer, The Can Cooler That Counts

Have you ever wondered just how many cold ones you've tipped at the tailgating lots?  I know I have, and now there is a solution to this age old question.  Bevometer!

The Bevometer is currently in a Kickstarter campaign (click here!) with hopes to launch spring of 2014.

Created by Justin and Jenny Richmond, the Bevometer does 3 things:

  • Keeps drinks cold
  • Counts drinks "this time"
  • Counts drinks over the lifetime of the koozie

The inspiration for this project came from Justin's father.  Noticing the old ancient koozie he had, conversation turned to how many drinks has been in it over the lifetime, and that sparked a fire to create the Bevometer.

As you can see, the inspiration and the prototypes that came from it.  Progress indeed!

This is one of those products that just screams awesome.  Having a way to see how many shastas have been had, reminising about all the good times.  Can't beat it!  Join in while you can.  The campaign runs until 10:30 AM on March 15.  You can get it plain, or with the Bevometer logo on it.  Plans have been made to allow custom logos as well.

Check out their website at:

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Touchdown Tailgating Kit

Back in 2011, Tailgate Lot showed you the Home Run Tailgate Kit.  Roy Henning, David Bauman and Leroy Butler are back with the football version of this, called the Touchdown Tailgating Kit.

How It Works:
 The design of this product is simple. It starts with a standard drink coozie and a pair of gloves. We attach the hard half of the velcro to the outside of the drink coozie. Next, we sew the soft half of the velcro to the fingers on the glove. By attaching the soft part of the velcro to the gloves, we maintain the effectiveness of the gloves to hold and throw a football or baseball, play bags or stand at the grill and cook.

This launched on Kickstarter on Jan 31. It has a $25,000 goal, and will be funded if it hits its mark by March 8.  Green Bay Packers fans will be quick to notice Leroy Butler is backing this project as well.

Check out their campaign at:
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Beerbell: Your Weekend Workout

Check out the Beerbell, your weekend workout.  

The Beerbell, a 3 pound beer koozie, designed to look like a barbell.  It's fun, yet functional.  It's not only a weekend workout, the Beerbell keeps drinks colder, makes a great drink holder and it floats.  

The Beerbell is great for tailgating and team spirit, Christmas gifts and other holiday gifts for men, patios, pools, and camping, floating and boating, promoting a business, and the greatest conversation piece.

To be honest, once you hold on to this thing, it brings a new meaning to the 12 oz curl!  If you drink enough, you better switch arms periodically!

As you can see in the pictures, the Beerbell is capable of holding a can or a bottle.  Just slip on the Beerbell koozie and slid in your drink.  There is a ledge that stops your beer from going down all the way.  That same ledge keeps the bottle tight once pushed down.
With the weighted bottom, the BeerBell will stay upright in grass or on rocks, which can be an issue if you use just a coozie by itself.   When you get your BeerBell, you can choose to put any decals you want on it, to show your teams spirit.  

Right now, there is a buy one, get one offer on the BeerBell, 2 decals, for $19.99, plus shipping and handling.

Check them out for yourself:

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FanMug! A Helmet In Your Hand

The FanMug is a replica helmet that is also a coozie or mug for your drink.  It will comfortably hold bottles and cans, as well as poured liquids. It keeps cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot.

The FanMug was created by long-time sportscaster Doug Lessells in Columbus, Ohio.  He did a great job of nailing the look of a helmet, down to the facemask clips and screws.  It also separates into two pieces, so that the inner cup can be cleaned in the dishwasher (top rack safe).  No worries, as this is a BPA Free product.  The inner cup is also microwave safe.

As mentioned above, the FanMug is pretty versatile. When not in season, you can use it as a mug or desk caddy / pen holder at work!

Currently, you can find the FanMug in 15 NFL teams, 19 NCAA teams, and will set you back $11.99 apiece, or you can buy a 4-pack for $39.99.




Getting the FanMug in hand, it is very comfortable to hold.  I've tried many different grips on it; all being very comfortable.  The big thing is, though, it keeps your hand away from any hot or cold beverage that it is holding.

The FanMug will definately get you some looks at the game or in the office.  

Check out more about the FanMug at their website:
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Chill Puck. The Next Generation of Can Coolers

On the hot days of the early tailgating season, if your drinking pace slows down, you run the risk of having a warm beer at the end of your can.  The Chill Puck aims to combat this problem.  The Chill Puck consists of a freezable plastic disk and a Chill Band that holds it to your can, giving the can a sweet base of ice to sit upon.

As you can see from the pictures, the band helps keep the puck in contact with both major sizes of beer cans, the traditional and the slimmer Coors Light can.  These will also fit tightly into a standard collapsible coozie.

Freezing the pucks is a quick proposition.  Toss in the freezer overnight.  When you are ready for action, just press your can down into the puck and the Chill Band will grab hold.  I'd recommend having two of these bad boys, so you always have one in the cooler staying cold for its chance at glory.  If your beer isn't cold, don't expect a miracle.  This won't make it ice cold, but it WILL keep a cold beer cold longer.

The Chill Puck currently comes in white, gray, black and glow in the dark green.  For an additional fee, you can get a custom design of your very own.

Check out their website at:
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Can Grips and Bottle Grips

The Can Grip and the Bottle Grip are a pair of tools that are a great addition to anyone's tailgating arsenal.  The grips snap solidly onto either a can or a bottle, and keeps your hand warm and your brew cold.

These are made out of plastic, and when they click onto the can or the bottle, you can feel how solid the mount is.  There is no concern about spilling at all. 

Both the can and bottle handles gives you a firm grip, and feels like a well built mug handle in your hand.

They both come in a number of colors.  The can grip also comes in 12, 16, and 24 oz, as well as the european 330ml.

Check them out at

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The Amazing Flying Coozie

Here is the amazing flying coozie, the drink cooler that flies! It does two jobs really well... Keeping you shastas nice and cold, and zipping through the air like a missle. 
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Constructed of a thick hard foam, the Flying Coozie is sure to keep your drink cold while in use, and stay durable when someone has butterfinger hands when playing catch.
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As you can see, the flying coozie is perfectly weighted on one end, allowing it to fly through the air with hardly any wobble.  After a few practice throws, you will be ready to start launching this across the lot. With a range of 10-30 yards, you can really go deep with this coozie.  Tossing it around the lot has been pretty easy for both adults and kids.

The flying coozie comes in numerous college teams, as well as some holiday and camo patterns.  They can also be made to order as promotional items.  All coozies are made here in the USA.

Coozie Coolers - Keep Those Drinks Cool!

We've all had it happen...  We get a frosty cold beverage out of the cooler, and get side tracked, and the drink gets warm.  Nothing worse than a warm drink!

Enter the Coozie Cooler.  This brilliant device is a small ice pack the shape of the bottom of a can, and sits in the bottom of your Coozie, keeping things cold while you tend to tailgating games, the grill, or whatever else needs attention.

They are cheap enough to keep a few in the cooler, so when you get a new drink, you can swap out for a new Coozie Cooler.

To buy your very own Coozie Coolers, check them out at