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Keystone Light: Stay sober during beer pong

This is why you don't see people playing with 8% imerperial reds!


Go Big on Beer Pong

Girls Playing BearPong

If you've mastered beer pong, and are looking to take on something a little bigger, you need to check out BEARPONG ($65).

BEARPONG is an oversized portable Beer Pong set that can be played anywhere. This set is great to thrown down at the beach, tailgates, poolside, cookouts, and yards.

My first thought when I saw this product was, you're going to need a helluva lotta beer to hold those cups down. Actually, they use a patent pending weighted system to hold down the cups...err...buckets. The deluxe set comes complete with 12 buckets, 3 balls, ball pump, and a unique carrying case to get you started.

You can check them out for more information at


Monday Morning Wake Up Call: Port-O-Pong

Port-O-Pong Girls

With football getting ready to officially kick off in just over a week, make sure you have all your tailgating goodies ready to go. Get ready for tailgate season with the Port-O-Pong Portable Beer Pong Table.

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Manage Registrations for Your Tailgate Tourney

Tailgate Tourney OnlineIf you have ever managed a Cornhole tournament, you know what a pain in the ass it is to collect money from participants and manage paperwork. A company based in Bethesda, Maryland is aiming to take all the guess work out of tourney planning with its online bracket manager at Compete-At provides an easy, turnkey solution for tailgate game organizers, which enables you to accept online registrations, memberships, credit card payments from participants.

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BPONG.COM Hits Road With Jay, The Tailgate Guy

Beer Pong TournamentBPONG.COM™, leading retailer of beer pong gear and founders of The World Series of Beer Pong™, have partnered with Jay DiEugenio, The TailGate Guy, to bring beer pong on a tour across the nation. With stops at some of the nation's largest and most popular sporting events, the 2009 BPONG Tour™ will host an official BPONG beer pong area set up alongside Jay's famous pre-game barbequing and festivities at each tour stop. The 2009 BPONG Tour will also feature World Series of Beer Pong Satellite Tournaments™ at each stop of the tour, where players can win a paid entrance into The World Series of Beer Pong V™.

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Best Beer Pong Table Ever?

Conduct a search on youtube for "Best Beer Pong Table Ever," and you will end up with over 38,000 results. It seems that most beer pong table creators out there ultimately believe that their “work of art” is numero uno. Well, step aside because I think we may have found one that truly has earned the right to be in the conversation for "Best Beer Pong Table Ever!" This table features a computer screen (I don't know what for either, but just roll with it.), red and blue themed LED lights, and a shiny acrylic (plexiglass) protective cover. The only thing you could add to it would be a DMX controller to make those LEDs run wild!

LED Beer Pong Table

LED Beer Pong TableIt's official! We have now seen it all. This one-of-a-kind mega geek project is decorated with 120 RGB LED, and powered by five microcontrollers. The lights pulse and change color dependent on how the cups are setup on the table. Future plans include an automated scoreboard to complete the project.

Look below to see the video of this table in action.


ESPN is on Top of Things

ESPN, the all-knowing "Yogurt" (see Spaceballs) of sports, has decided to be welcomed into the 2000's by calling Beer Pong "America's next great pastime."

Looks like ESPN fell victim to another slow news day, and decided to bring out a story that was probably meant to be ran shortly after they removed their nose out of the Florida voting debacle. What are they going to report on next? Hip Hop's influence on the NBA.