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Cleveland Cop Gives Helping Hand with Bong

If only all police were this attentive to the needs of the people.  Here we have one of Cleveland's finest giving a helping hand to a citizen in need of a beer bong.


Introducing The Chuggler

The Chuggler is a 30 oz beer mug that also doubles at a beer bong.  Gone are the days of clear tubing and a funnel.  With this mug, you can go from zero to hero simply by pulling the tube off the holder.

The tubing is connected very firmly on both ends, leaving no concern that it might come off while drinking at a normal pace.  But when you are ready to rock it out, remove the top hose and prepare for the rush.
So step up your game and toss your funnel and hose.  For ~$20, you can pick from 8 colors and be drinking like a champion in no time!

Check them out at, and follow them on Twitter @MrChuggler.

Teaching them young at "The U": Kid going beer bong hits

They know how to do it down at The U.  Here's a kid taking hits off a beer bong filled with kool-aid:


Go 'Canes!