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Sunday Fun: Field Rushers

Rushing the field has become a new art form. Check out 17 of some of the best field rushers in the business.


Where's Waldo...err...Borat?

Tiger Woods Hits Camera Photographer

I know we normally don’t talk about golf on here, and I know that Borat jokes are a bit out dated, but this was way too good to pass up. The amazing part of this shot was not the fact that Tigers Woods duffed a shot about as bad as I normally would. Or the fact, that the photographer had the balls (literally) to actually snap the pic up in time before taking a giant pellet going 170MPH to the head. No, the amazing part of this picture is the guy in the semi-member’s only jacket and a cigar in his mouth looking on in sheer amazement. That man is my new personal hero!


Ohio State's Brutus Attacked

If you didn't get a chance to see the latest mascot fight, the above video is must watch. It features Ohio University's Rufus Bobcat viciously going after Brutus Buckeye in front of over 105,000 fans.

"It was actually my whole plan to tackle Brutus when I tried out to be mascot," said Brandon Hanning, formerly known as Ohio University's Rufus Bobcat. "I tried out about a year ago, and the whole reason I tried out was so I could come up here to Ohio State and tackle Brutus."

The 19-year-old Hanning is now banned from further affiliation with the school's athletics department. Actually, he's not even a student there anymore; he now attends nearby Hocking College.



Bud Light's Ultimate Tailgate Car

Bud Light’s version of the ultimate tailgating rig. It looks like they may have abandoned their Tailgate Approved Campaign.


The Perfect Fantasy Football Draft Setup 

Perfect Fantasy Football Draft Setup

Over the weekend, we held a fantasy football draft for one of my leagues in perhaps the ultimate drafting scenario. I’m talking a screening room with over 150” of screen real estate, power reclining chairs, FanDraft 2010, and an ESPN-style ticker. Unfortunately, my iPhone camera did not do this setup justice. And for those of you who have yet to discover FanDraft, I can’t recommend it enough. This is my second year with the product, and I won’t conduct a live draft without. It keeps your draft organized, and running on time…err, ok so there is no such thing that can keep a live draft going on time, unless you figure a way to hook up FanDraft to the seat shocker.


Hire A Professional Bottle Opener at Your Next Tailgate

If your tailgate requires the opening of 200 beer bottles in a minute and 20 seconds, here's the guy you need to hire. He's has the talent and determination to make that feat possible.


Back by Popular Demand: Failed Keg Stands

Here we go:

This is just a disaster from start to finish.

And finally...


Turkey Day Public Service Announcement

Please be careful if you are planning on deep-frying your turkey, and have a Happy Turkey Day from all of us at!


Knowing When To Say When

Just a reminder to please tailgate responsibly. There are no words for this guy.

How NOT to Tailgate / How NOT to Shotgun Beers

This is just a disaster from start to finish. I'm at a loss for words.