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Track Down Tailgates With This Handy New Mobile App

Tailgate Iphone App

Tailgate Scout is a new mobile web application developed by tailgaters to help you track down your friend’s tailgating location, and other tailgates nearby on game day. The app was mainly developed to help tailgaters find a single spot located amongst the vast area of tents and grills. It works great if you are trying to host a public tailgate, and want to get the word out, or if you just need friends to find where you parked.

Tailgate Scout currently carries the following features:

  • Facebook sign on to leverage your existing social network
  • Access on both Android and iPhone devices through the built in browser
  • Maps and lists to pinpoint your friends and their tailgates
  • Display all public tailgates nearby sorted by distance
  • Location sharing through tailgate creation, check in, tweet button, and the mark your spot functionality
  • Tailgate check in to earn points for your team
  • Leader boards to track top teams, tailgates, and scouts for that day

You can check out the app by visiting on your iPhone, Android phone, or Google Chrome.


Cornhole Allstars Delivers Real Deal Tailgating on Your iPhone

This is without a doubt the most polished iPhone tailgating related game out there. With its real physics, wind, and silky smooth graphics, Cornhole Allstars does not disappoint. The game features 4 different locations and 4 different characters with the option to multi-play. The game also boasts Facebook integration for braggin' rights!

Do Some Tailgating On Your iPhone

Tailgate Games on iPhoneWe may have found an item that can help relieve some of the tailgate withdrawal going around. A new application for the iPhone and iPod, entitled "Tailgate Games" recently made its debut on iTunes. The game comes complete with 4 different tailgate games to play, which include Cornhole, Horse Shoes, Ladder Golf, and Washers. There is even a tournament mode that lets you unlock opponents as you advance through the bracket. Another cool feature is its stats system that keeps track of how many holes you've hit in Cornhole and other such numbers. Each game follows its official rules and regulations as stated by its governing authority.

We figure that if we can't go to the tailgate, why not bring the tailgate to us.