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Weber Ranch Kettle Grill

Weber Ranch Kettle GrillWith a cooking area clocking in at just over 1,100 square inches, The Ranch ($1,100) is the Weber Kettle Grill on steroids. This mammoth of a grill is able to accommodate multiple turkeys, roasts, chickens, or up to 19 Cornish hens! Originally designed for caterers and country club chefs, the Ranch Kettle is perfect for extremely large tailgate crowds.

Rugged, yet easy to use, this 37-1/2-inch-diameter grill features a patented tuck-away lid that slides conveniently into its holder. Two weather-resistant thermoplastic handles remain cool to the touch when you move the lid. A hinged cooking grate gives you easy access to coals and a removable ash catcher assures easy cleanup. With the same solid construction of all Weber grills, the Ranch Kettle has locking casters that allow for easy movement and the porcelain-enameled coating to prevent rust.

Best of all, the massive cooking area lets you have any number of different heating combinations, such as high heat for searing meat, a medium area for cooking it, and a low area for keeping food warm on the grill.


Steak Station: Monitor Four Steaks At Once

Steak StationAs far as I’m concerned, you can split “grill masters” into two categories. Those that love gadgets, and those that really love gadgets. The Steak Station ($23) is a great little device that any “grill master” will love. It can monitor four steaks at the same time, allowing those commanding the grill to confidently cook multiple steaks, and attend to more pressing matters, like taking down a cold beer. The colorful Steak Station probes measure from 115°F to 170°F, indicating a complete spectrum of doneness while helping you remember whose steak is whose. The adjustable foldout kickstand on the back pops out into various positions, and it feels very sturdy when sitting on the grill.

Designed for cooking in the trenches during a hectic tailgate when the crowd is clamoring for steaks of all different doneness, the no-nonsense interface makes grilling them about as easy as it can be.

The only feature that we would like to see in the future is a numerical read out of the current internal temperature.


GO! Chassi Grill N Chill with On-Board Stereo

GO! Chassi Grill N Chill

The GO! Grill N Chill System allows you to bring a full-sized infrared grill right to your tailgate spot. For those of you unfamiliar with infrared grilling, here is a little lesson. In a gas grill, the cooking surface of the grill is heated by a direct flame, whereas in an infrared grill, the fuel source heats up the infrared element, which in turn transfers infrared radiation for cooking foods. I have to be honest that I was a bit skeptical until I gave it a go, and it is my preferred way to grill when time doesn’t allow for charcoal.

Aside from the grill, the GO! Grill N Chill System features a 210-watt on-board marine stereo. The sound system comes equipped with dual marine grade speakers, CD player and is satellite radio ready. The professional grade stainless steel 50 quart ice chests are outfitted with integrated drain systems and dual butcher block lids that double as prep surfaces. They are prepared to carry both hot and cold food stores depending on your needs.

Details of the GO! Chassi Grill N ChillWith the Grill N Chill mounted to the GO! Chassi, and its patented Hitch and GO! Design, units are easily attached to a vehicle using the hand cranked scissor lift. When attached, the entire weight is transferred to the hitch, safely suspending the GO! Chassi and its payload above the road surface.

If you think this is the grill for you, get ready to disk out about 3K on this lovely piece of tailgating beauty. You can check out more information at their website.


Tailgating Tools: The Grillslinger Sport

Grillslinger SportGrillslinger Sport in UseGreat tailgating tools do not necessary make a great tailgate chef, but it sure does help. This tailgating gadget builds upon “The Original Grillslinger,” which was a twist between the classic tool belt and high-grade barbecuing utensils. A similar quality and finish keeps it in line with its older sibling while adding new features such as an adjustable beverage cooler, and much sportier belt with a PVC logo sewn on the 'buckle' position. It still has a Pro-Flipper (Spatula) & Speed Tongs, as in the Original Grillslinger, with two lock-and-load inserts that will have you ready to tackle any size tailgate party.


Flexible Tailgating: Fire Wire Grilling Skewers

Fire Wire Grilling SkewersFire Wire Grilling Skewers are flexible skewers that add some extra real estate to your grill while solving many of the food handling problems associated with conventional straight skewers. They’re great to load up in a zip lock bag before the tailgate, allowing your food to marinate on the ride over. Also, unlike wooden skewers that are one-time use or conventional skewers that rust over time, Fire Wire Grilling Skewers are stainless steel and last a lifetime.

This professional grade grilling tool is made from 100% stainless steel.

Check out the video below:


The WaveBox Microwave Heats Up At Tailgates

WaveBox MicrowaveEven though the main attraction at the tailgate is the grill, that doesn't mean there isn't any room for a microwave. The WaveBox® brand portable microwaves redefines the whole idea of tailgate cooking. With an easy-grip handle and a compact, sleek design, the WaveBox® portable microwave is as easy to tote as a small picnic cooler.

WaveBox® brand portable microwaves are the world’s smallest microwave ovens, but their true beauty lies in the triple-power system that allows you to Heat It Up™ in places never possible before. The internationally patented power system gives you incredible possibilities:

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Tailgating Grill Topper Is A "Must-Have"

Tailgating Grill TopperThe Grill Topper, by HGG Distribution, turns any ordinary grill into an NCAA branding machine. Simply set the Grill Topper on your existing grill rack, and place your chicken, pork, beef, or hot dog directly on the team logo, searing the logo onto the meat as it cooks to perfection! It’s incredible to see how something so simple can create something so deliciously spectacular. Just when you thought it was impossible to add another logo to just about everything you own, now you can add meat to that category.

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Turn Fruits Into Shot Glasses with ShotCarver

Lush Life Shot CarverWith Jimmy Buffett’s “Summerzcool Tour” getting ready to kick off its summer leg in Arizona in a couple of weeks, we had to bring out a gadget geared to all those ParrotHeads out there.

Introducing LushLife’s ShotCarver.

The ShotCarver turns almost any fruit into a tasty tropical shot glass. Simply insert the ShotCarver into a fruit such as an apple, twist, and voila, an instant shot glass size hole. Then fill with an adult beverage, and bottoms up.

Making a Vodka Watermelon:

The ShotCarver is also great for carving holes into Vodka Watermelons. To create a Vodka Watermelon, open a hole in the watermelon using the ShotCarver. Insert the bottle of vodka into the hole, we recommend using a 375ml bottle. Let the vodka bottle sit overnight to let the vodka absorb into the fruit. This can sometimes take up to two days depending on the size of your vodka bottle and your watermelon. Then, simply cut the watermelon and serve.


How Tailgaters Roll: Barbecue Tailgate Tote

Barbecue Tailgate Tote

So the word "tote" normally shouldn't be incorporated into anything related to tailgating, but here is about the only exception. The Portable Grill Gourmet Tote features a waterproof cooler compartment, and comes equipped with high quality barbecue utensils, even some barbecue sauce to get things going in the right direction. The grill, gas tanks, and everything else pictured fits snugly into the tote for easy transport. Just add beer and ice!