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Turn Fruits Into Shot Glasses with ShotCarver

Lush Life Shot CarverWith Jimmy Buffett’s “Summerzcool Tour” getting ready to kick off its summer leg in Arizona in a couple of weeks, we had to bring out a gadget geared to all those ParrotHeads out there.

Introducing LushLife’s ShotCarver.

The ShotCarver turns almost any fruit into a tasty tropical shot glass. Simply insert the ShotCarver into a fruit such as an apple, twist, and voila, an instant shot glass size hole. Then fill with an adult beverage, and bottoms up.

Making a Vodka Watermelon:

The ShotCarver is also great for carving holes into Vodka Watermelons. To create a Vodka Watermelon, open a hole in the watermelon using the ShotCarver. Insert the bottle of vodka into the hole, we recommend using a 375ml bottle. Let the vodka bottle sit overnight to let the vodka absorb into the fruit. This can sometimes take up to two days depending on the size of your vodka bottle and your watermelon. Then, simply cut the watermelon and serve.

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