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SmackHat: Halloween Modification Complete

We've said it before, we love the SmackHat.  After having some pops, we thought the SmackHat needed the Halloween treatment.  Check it out:

Can't wait for gameday!

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FanMug! A Helmet In Your Hand

The FanMug is a replica helmet that is also a coozie or mug for your drink.  It will comfortably hold bottles and cans, as well as poured liquids. It keeps cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot.

The FanMug was created by long-time sportscaster Doug Lessells in Columbus, Ohio.  He did a great job of nailing the look of a helmet, down to the facemask clips and screws.  It also separates into two pieces, so that the inner cup can be cleaned in the dishwasher (top rack safe).  No worries, as this is a BPA Free product.  The inner cup is also microwave safe.

As mentioned above, the FanMug is pretty versatile. When not in season, you can use it as a mug or desk caddy / pen holder at work!

Currently, you can find the FanMug in 15 NFL teams, 19 NCAA teams, and will set you back $11.99 apiece, or you can buy a 4-pack for $39.99.




Getting the FanMug in hand, it is very comfortable to hold.  I've tried many different grips on it; all being very comfortable.  The big thing is, though, it keeps your hand away from any hot or cold beverage that it is holding.

The FanMug will definately get you some looks at the game or in the office.  

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SmackHat: A Helmet For Your Ride

When heading to the tailgating lot, the SmackHat is one of the greatest ways to show your team pride on your ride.  We've seen flags and magnets, which are a good entry level.  We've seen the newer products like WindowFanz that are getting to the next level.

But the SmackHat is a HELMET that attaches to your car with rubberized magnets to stay in place while going down the road.

The SmackHat is a youth sized helmet with real team colors and authentic logos on it.  It also comes with a youth size football jersey that makes a great storage bag.

The magnets do a great job of holding the SmackHat in place while going down the road.  Our test vehicle is about as un-aerodynamic as they come, which would put a bit more strain on the magnets than normal, yet we topped out at 76 MPH at one point, and upon arrival, the SmackHat had not moved an inch!


We tend to get a lot of traffic past our tailgate, and almost everyone made comment about how cool it was to see a helmet mounted on a car.  It is simply not something you see every day!  Many wanted to see that it was really just magnets holding it on.  Although it requires a stiff yank, you can get the SmackHat off and back on with ease.

There was no noticable road noise from the SmackHat, which was nice.  Some times flags can get a bit loud when you get to higher speeds.

When sitting out in the open like it does, you are bound to smash some bugs.  Cleaning the SmackHat is as simple as mild soap and a microfiber cloth. 

We are very pleased with the SmackHat.  This is something that is certainly raising your tailgating to the next level.  Right now the SmackHat sells for $110. Check them out at now!
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There are a handful of ways to show your team pride while driving to your favorite tailgate lot to cheer on your team.  We've all seen the magnets on the doors and flags stuck in the windows.  But what most haven't seen is a new product called the WindowFanz.

The WindowFanz is a half mini helmet that sticks to your window as you drive down the road.  As you can see, it is held in place by three suction cups, and also a tether strap that mounts inside the car.  This great design allows you to put your window down partially while driving without having to worry about the helmet falling off your ride.  If this were a flag, it would be laying on the side of the road!

If you choose, you can also remove the tether strap and place it almost any flat, smooth surface, be it a home window or an RV window.  As you can see in the pictures, I have even attached it to the side of a bookcase!  You can also see how shiny the helmet is.  The construction of the helmet and tether are both very solid.  I have no worries about it failing anytime soon.



Driving down the road, there is no vibration or wind noise generated by the WindowFanz.  You will, however, get a lot of looks from others in traffic.  I had multiple people ask about it while driving around town.

Currently, there are a number of college and high school teams available for $29.99.  And it is worth mentioning that the WindowFanz is made and assembled right here in the USA!

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