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There are a handful of ways to show your team pride while driving to your favorite tailgate lot to cheer on your team.  We've all seen the magnets on the doors and flags stuck in the windows.  But what most haven't seen is a new product called the WindowFanz.

The WindowFanz is a half mini helmet that sticks to your window as you drive down the road.  As you can see, it is held in place by three suction cups, and also a tether strap that mounts inside the car.  This great design allows you to put your window down partially while driving without having to worry about the helmet falling off your ride.  If this were a flag, it would be laying on the side of the road!

If you choose, you can also remove the tether strap and place it almost any flat, smooth surface, be it a home window or an RV window.  As you can see in the pictures, I have even attached it to the side of a bookcase!  You can also see how shiny the helmet is.  The construction of the helmet and tether are both very solid.  I have no worries about it failing anytime soon.



Driving down the road, there is no vibration or wind noise generated by the WindowFanz.  You will, however, get a lot of looks from others in traffic.  I had multiple people ask about it while driving around town.

Currently, there are a number of college and high school teams available for $29.99.  And it is worth mentioning that the WindowFanz is made and assembled right here in the USA!

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Toyota Releases The Tundra Midnight Rider Tailgater by Brooks & Dunn

Tundra Midnight Rider Tailgater by Brooks & DunnLong-time Brooks & Dunn backer and bad-ass truck maker, Toyota, has released a piece of machinery this week that will make any true tailgate enthusiast drool until their lips turn dry. The Midnight Rider Tundra Tailgater by Brooks & Dunn is a tribute to the legendary country music duo’s career that has spanned over 20 years. The Tundra full-size pickup has been a sponsor of Brooks & Dunn for the past three-plus years and the Tundra Tailgater is Toyota’s way of celebrating the music duo’s upcoming 2010 farewell tour.

Built by The B.A.D. Company, the customized Tundra CrewMax Limited full-size 4x2 V8 pickup was a perfect fit for the ultimate tailgating vehicle.

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Removable Tailgate System

Removable Tailgate SystemEvery professional tailgater will tell you the same thing when you ask them what they don't like about tailgating: 1.) getting stuck putting everything away 5 minutes before game time, and 2.) getting stuck putting everything away 5 minutes before your wife tans your hide for staying at the post-game tailgate. There is hope, my fellow tailgaters. Imagi-Motive has invented a product that will not only help you avoid the dreadful "break-down," but also maximize your tailgating efficiency.

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Guide to Buying & Building a Tailgate Rig

Gators Tailgate BusAlthough the thought of buying and building a tailgate vehicle may seem absurd to some (Although, I'm not sure who!), it can seem like a worthwhile expense in the quest for the world's greatest tailgate party. However, shopping for a vehicle that will strictly be used to tailgate before games is a bit different from buying your standard Honda Civic. Below are a couple points to consider when shopping and planning for the mega-beast of tailgating:

1. Plan out everything you want in a Tailgating Machine First.

Some people want a big outdoor deck while others want the most indoor space as possible. Some groups like roof racks while others are not so fond. Some groups want to sleep in the vehicle on roadtrips while others prefer not to take it on road trips at all. All of these minor decisions need to be discussed before making the leap of actually buying a vehicle. Make sure that the vehicle your buying to modify can accommodate for all of your group's tailgating needs.

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Hooters Tailgate Truck Takes It Over The Top

The Hooters Tailgate Truck is an example of what a limitless budget and a few hot waitresses with outdated uniforms will get you. Not bad. Of course, if you do win this truck, you have to factor in the cost of security to watch it during the game. If you need a suggestion on who to hire, I recommend this guy



The Wantta 1 Tailgate Extender System

The Wantta 1 Ultimate Tailgate and Extender System is setting out to revolutionize the truck and SUV industry, making current bed extender systems obsolete.
Their website explains that the system “comes with a retractable cargo netting to prevent a loss of cargo. Another feature of the tailgate extender is a built-in LED light assembly that is functional as well as eye-catching. This mechanism is a multipurpose accessory which incorporates devices that secure objects that extend beyond the length of the tailgate, such as lumber, plywood, PVC, etc.”
The company also features a line of accessories to further extend the utility of this product. Some of these products include a barbecue grill, cooler, & cup holder, TV table, 5-gallon igloo holder, umbrellas, and blue print table to really make the Wantta 1 Ultimate Tailgate and Extender System a tailgating powerhouse.

Truck U On Constructing a Tailgating Party Rack

This is a great way to create a party machine without breaking the bank. The guys demonstrate how to add a little bit more functionality to your tailgate cargo platform.

The Ultimate Tailgating Pickup Truck

Just when you think you have seen all this video has to offer, it kicks itself into overdrive. As far as push-button tailgate party setups go, this one has to take the Keg!