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The RV Butler: Treat Yourself to a Full Service Tailgate

A newer trend in tailgating is the full service tailgate. Companies are popping up all around the country to help people tailgate when they don't have the setup to do so on their own.  The turnkey tailgate, if you will.  One such survice is the RV Butler.  Here are some services that the RV Butler offers:
  • Tailgating to NCAA, NFL, MLB games within a 4 hour drive from Chicago. (they've gone to Indianapolis Colts games, Notre Dame games, Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers, University of Illinois, Purdue University, and local White Sox games)
  • One Day family water park trips to places like Wisconsin Dells, Ceder Point, OH (or other parks within the same 4 hour drive)
  • Birthday parties, to water parks. RV Butler has taken groups of 12 girls to Wisconsin Dells for the day, for a birthday party.
  • Casino parties to Places like Michigan
  • Groups to conventions
  • Trade shows
  • Candidate campaigns (place their banner on the side of the RV and escort them and their staff to other cites while they campaign)
ALL of the above packages include transportation, food, and drinks. RV Butler will design their menus to match the customers request. They can go from burgers to steak, seafood to sushi. They have a certified chef on staff to prepare the food.

We realize this service is not for everyone. But why rent an RV when they can do all the work for you? RV Butler will do the set up, driving, cooking, cleaning, serving, and return you and your guest to your original pick up point. Yes,  customers can rent a conventional passanger van, or a tour bus. But RV Butler will give you the same ride, with comfort, style, food, and drinks, for close to the same price.

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Using An RV To Tailgate

Its football season and gridiron experts are fired up and ready to tailgate in stadium parking lots across the nation. Whether you’re a tailgating rookie or seasoned veteran, if you’re going to tailgate, make sure you do it right!

Just ask Ryan Lee from Monaco RV.

“We feel that RV tailgating is unlike any tailgating you’ve ever experienced before and simply can’t be matched for its numerous conveniences and benefits,” he said. “When you consider the evolution of tailgating culture in America, RV tailgating is simply the next evolutionary step. It’s taking everything that’s good about traditional tailgating, and super-sizing it, or taking it to the next level.”

Monaco RVs symbolize quality and efficiency while also providing the comforts of home and all the needs of your tailgating crew. The Monaco Vesta is perfect for any tailgate with first class amenities such as a bathroom, refrigerator, kitchen, satellite radio, exterior awning, and plenty of space for a party of two or twenty.

Pre-game and post-game activities are just as important as the game itself and you shouldn’t miss out. Monaco Coach RV owners have been known to deck out their RVs with integrated BBQ set-ups and multiple TVs hooked to dual satellites for maximum viewing pleasure. Some paint the satellite dish in team colors, pull out customized grills, and show off high-end stereo systems by playing their school’s marching band CD in anticipation of the big game.

“Tailgating is a great time for the whole family and unites old friends as well as ignites rivalries. It is all part of the experience. And there’s nothing like meeting your fellow tailgaters on a Saturday morning to show off your team spirit and tailgating dedication. And having the comforts and amenities of home with an RV will make you the king or queen of the tailgate this season,” Lee said.

You can find RVs for your tailgating needs and information on nearby dealers at


The Big Ship Gets Ready for Buffett

Last November, we did a story on The Big Ship, which was about the owner, Mick Roulet, and the custom paint jobs he gives his tailgating RV every year before Jimmy Buffett concerts. Well, he's back, and this time he is showing us what it takes to re do the paint job on his famed camper.

Below are photos from the Big Ship through the years:


Double Feature of Oklahoma Sooner Tailgating Machines

Feature 1: Check out this old Greyhound bus found in Oklahoma by Gameday Rivals.

Feature 2: Gameday Rivals also found a 1940's era fire truck, re-purposed as an ultimate Sooners tailgate ride.


"Silent Willie" Made Debut For Rutgers Last Night

Over the last couple of years, we’ve been able to share plenty of Tailgating Rigs with you. We’ve seen owners turn old school buses into insane tailgating machines, and we’ve seen them turn RV’s into elaborate party palaces. However, we’ve never seen an old school bus get converted into a tailgating RV. Meet “Silent Willie,” an old school bus turned tailgating RV by a couple of Rutgers fans that wanted a vehicle that not only tailgated for home games, but away games as well.

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Monster Tailgating: The 39-Foot "Big Mix"

Big Mix Tailgate TruckIf you aren’t into putting up around 40 grand, and spending your summer working on your own tailgate machine, you can always rent one. This 2004 39ft CAT diesel RV, which has been appropriately named “Big Mix,” has been reconfigured into a tailgating stronghold. Big Mix has features such as a large rooftop deck, heavy-duty lift gate, and billboard-sized sides for team or corporate logos.

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The Big Ship Sets Sail to Tailgate in Margaritaville

Jimmy Buffett Tailgate RVOriginally purchased from a neighbor in 1996 for $1,200, the “Big Ship” was converted into one helluva’ Jimmy Buffett tailgating camper. The camper was initially used for camping with the kids, which started in 1998, but the family outgrew the 21 footer about 8 years later. Realizing there was much more life left in the ol’ girl, Mick Roulet, the owner of this party machine decided to give her a fresh coat of paint every time he gave it a wash…once a year.

However, this isn’t your average paint job. In 2007, he began by painting the camper inside and out for the Buffett Bama Breeze Tour. The camper was painted up to depict a vintage aircraft with buffed aluminum skin complete with nose art. The carpet was replaced with tropical colored vinyl tile and vinyl base.

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Looking to Buy a Tailgate Bus?

For those of you looking to set up your own tailgate rig, check out this 1979 35’ Wanderlodge by Bluebird currently located in Ohio. The owner, Terri Church, has informed us that he has just put it up for sale, and is asking $9,000. The interior of the bus is almost completed with beautiful maple/oak floor. This potential tailgating machine has ivory couches that fold down into beds, which is great for those 2 to 3 day road game trips.

Below are some of its other features:

  • 3208 Caterpillar Engine
  • 4 Speed, Allison Automatic
  • 7.25kw Kohler Generator
  • 2 13.5 Roof ACs

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Jay the Tailgate Guy on TV in San Diego

A nice piece on Jay the Tailgate Guy (who will be touring with by a San Diego News Station. Something I noticed in the video was that Jay was wearing The Grill Slinger, which we are fans of over here at

Guide to Buying & Building a Tailgate Rig

Gators Tailgate BusAlthough the thought of buying and building a tailgate vehicle may seem absurd to some (Although, I'm not sure who!), it can seem like a worthwhile expense in the quest for the world's greatest tailgate party. However, shopping for a vehicle that will strictly be used to tailgate before games is a bit different from buying your standard Honda Civic. Below are a couple points to consider when shopping and planning for the mega-beast of tailgating:

1. Plan out everything you want in a Tailgating Machine First.

Some people want a big outdoor deck while others want the most indoor space as possible. Some groups like roof racks while others are not so fond. Some groups want to sleep in the vehicle on roadtrips while others prefer not to take it on road trips at all. All of these minor decisions need to be discussed before making the leap of actually buying a vehicle. Make sure that the vehicle your buying to modify can accommodate for all of your group's tailgating needs.

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