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Drunk guy goes on a rampage at Cleveland Brown's Tailgate

Wow, take it easy there, almost-naked man!  This is NOT the way to tailgate!


Take it easy with the booze if you can't handle it!



New Tailgating Game Alert: Keg Bowling

Keg Bowling may take a while to catch on, but once it does, watch out! Thanks to Steve from Cleveland for sending this one in to us.

UPDATE: Keg bowling for the whole family! Thanks to Mark for sending this one.


What else are Browns fans supposed to do?

This is probably the most interesting thing Browns fans have watched all year. The team needs to take a hard look at what their performance on the field is doing to their fans off the field.


The Dawg: Another Tailgater in Cleveland's Arsenal

These Cleveland Browns fans look like they skinned a few "Tickle Me Elmos" to cover up this bad boy. Don't adjust your speakers, YouTube striped out the music because they believed it to be in violation (yeah, I guess they do that now).


The Muni Lot Browns Backers' DUMDOG

The Muni Lot Browns Backers' DUMDOGFor over fifteen years, The Muni Lot Browns Backers have been celebrating their great American Tailgate before every Cleveland Browns’ home game. Boasting over 700 members, the organization was the first sanctioned Browns backers organization based on the Cleveland tailgate experience. At the hub of this giant party is the iconic leader of the pack, known as “DUMDOG,” which is an old converted yellow school bus from Connecticut turned into an oversized Dumb & Dumber tailgating machine.

DUMDOG, which is actually the second bus turned out by the group, was originally created between April and October of 2006. It took nearly 6 months of sacrifice to get this beast into tailgating shape. When the idea of adding the helmet on the dog was invented, only one question came to mind: “Can we really do this?” But after several beers, a plan was concocted, and work began on its unique element.

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Tailgating in Cleveland Never Disappoints

Great news story covering the tailgate lot at the Cleveland Browns home game. Cleveland is definitely one of our favorite places to tailgate, and here are some of the reasons why.

The Worst Possible Flip Cup Conditions

The next time you hear someone complain during a flip cup game about a breezy 5 MPH wind, remind them it could be worse. Here is Exhibit A. By the way, the girl in the orange is our pick for MVP, in a losing effort. Not only was she the only one-flipper, she was trying to block the blizzard winds as well! Kudos to you, girl in orange jacket.


Mobile Dawg Pound: A Tailgate Legend

Mobile Dawg PoundAs a general contractor, Tony Schaefer, has built many structures, but yet there is one that stands above them all..."The Mobile Dawg Pound!" That's right, an old yellow school bus he purchased when the Browns were reborn. It replaced a smaller bus used during the Browns' years playing their games on the hallowed grounds of Municipal Stadium.

"I figured a new team, a new bus," Tony said, "Plus the season ticket holders in the Sandusky area grew from around sixteen to more than thirty-four."

The bus is painted brown and orange from top to bottom. Its name, "Mobile Dawg Pound" is scripted over the front windshield, and gracing the hood is a Mack dog wearing a Browns' helmet which squirts water approximately 12 feet!

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Cleveland Browns Bus Rocks!!

Cleveland Browns Tailgate BusThe Cleveland Browns Bus was an idea concocted back in 2006 by Tim, "The Tech Guru," and Jay, "The Old Man." After a visit to an Ohio State Buckeye's game back in 2006, they knew they had a mission to fulfill which was to design and develop their ultimate tailgating machine!

Two weeks later Jay surprised Tim with the purchase of an old yellow short bus. Without wasting a day they stripped the seats from the bus, added cabinets, installed a stereo, and hooked up a TV. No more having to scoot 6 vehicles down the highway to the stadium every Sunday.

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