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Inside The Mink's Nest

Minnesota Vikings Tailgate VanSearching the parking lots on Washington Avenue and behind the Target Center you’ll be sure to spot old and dated commercial trucks converted into Minnesota Vikings tailgating machines. Among those trucks, you’ll find a 26-foot tailgate machine filled with heat, solid maple cabinetry, satellite TV, deluxe stereo system, and a state of the art 1,500-pound trailer grill. This unique tailgating machine is simply known as Mink's Nest, and is the brainchild of the 6’2” linebacker like individual in a 5’7” frame known to most as “The Mink.”

Minnesota Vikings TailgateMink's Nest was a laundry delivery vehicle before being called into active tailgating duty. The converted luxury tailgating vehicle includes a bar, kitchen, and entertainment system all incased in maple cabinets. The entertainment system includes TV, CD, DVD, DirecTV with NFL Sunday Ticket, and amplifier to power its high-end Klipsch speakers. All of this and more are powered by the onboard generator, which provides electricity throughout this spectacular machine. Weather is never an issue for Mink's Nest thanks to the furnace and air conditioning system, which keeps the van operating in temperatures from 40 below to 90 degrees. Mink's Nest also feature closets and storage spacing throughout the vehicle to assure no piece of tailgating equipment is spared.

Trailing behind Mink's Nest is a monstrous commercial catering grill. This immense grill includes two large coolers that allows these loyal tailgaters to store all of their food and beverages. A smooth and safe ride to and from games is guaranteed with Mink's Nest's brand new springs and shock absorbers, making the van ride much like a camper. On the outside of the truck they have the yearly schedule displayed, where they check mark wins and losses throughout the season. On the other side, they have the jerseys and names of the original “Mink's Nest” crew, which has tailgated with the truck for the last six seasons.

You can find out more about Mink's Nest at

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