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Monday Morning Wakeup Call: Flag Football

Good Morning!  My flag football teams were never this impressive.  Just a bunch of dudes running around.  I'd take this!

Have a great day!



Real Steel Tailgaters

Real Steel Tailgaters was officially born on January 3, 2012 to a spirited group of dedicated football fans! We had tailgated together for years at different spots and finally decided to start our own, showing off our true Texans’ spirit. Combining our love of a good time with a wide range of individual strengths provided us with a strong, united group. We all have the same vision in mind: keep it ‘REAL’ by providing a fun, exciting atmosphere that supports our Texans.

We all pulled our money together and bought "The Beast" as we lovingly call her off ebay, and then she was on her way to Texas. She was originally a police SWAT truck from Lancaster County, PA, which tied in perfectly to our slogan; "Stop Working And Tailgate".  We decided on the name ‘Real Steel Tailgaters’ as it represented the vehicle, the strength behind our tailgate and our team heritage of Deep Steel Blue.

Complete restoration took about five months start to finish.  Everyone on the team pitched in somehow whether it was building the keg boxes or giving her a good bath. We had no "off season" that year as each day brought about a new idea or plan.  We all had small heart attacks the night before her "debut" when she wouldn't start, but being the "beast" that she is, she pulled through!




We made sure all her "bells and whistles" still worked, maintaining the integrity of her roots and are activated after each Texans score. 


Each week our core group of ten members prepares appetizers, sides, sweets and a main meal that goes along with the visiting team theme for over 100 guests. We serve up all the deliciousness in the Yellow Lot of Reliant Stadium. Our themes have included Shrimp Boils for Dolphins, Brats for Packers and Buffalo Wings for well, Buffalo! We would write Barbecue for Kansas City, but this is Texas and we believe OURS is the best.  One of our favorite meal to prepare is clearly Thanksgiving.  We fry up and bake about ten turkeys and serve them with all the traditional Thanksgiving trimmings, it is delicious!


 Our favorite features involve beer, of course!  We have two taps that are plumbed into The Beast herself, you can walk right up and tap yourself a cold one.  The taps are sustained in a keg box that doesn’t require direct ice but pours a perfectly cold brew.  We also have a "Quad Bong"; a four spout beer bong that brings a lot of attention whenever a race begins. Real Steel also sports a specially made beer bong/flip cup table and custom washer set.



Along with beer, Real Steel also provides a "Battle Red Bloody Mary" bar served with the world famous Benny's Bloody Mary Beef Straw in the mornings, over 500 "Jell-O Swat Shots" and delicious sangria for the afternoons.



A built in Generator powers two 55" TV's, one that pulls out of a side compartment and another that free stands for folks who'd rather tailgate outside and still see the game and they can under tents with shade, plenty of shade and general party atmosphere.


Our first season was a huge success and Real Steel immediately became one of the premier places to come hang out, meet new people and enjoy the game day experience. The crowds that come are also extremely generous helping us to give back to the community.  Last year during our rookie season, we held a food drive for the Houston Food Bank  during Thanksgiving and then a Toy Drive  during Christmas for Toys for Tots.  Our Season of Giving carried over to begin  the 2013 year with a "Pencils and Play-Books" Back to School Supply Drive. We will also be hosting a benefit this year during the NFL's "Salute to Service" dedicated to the four Houston Firefighters that were tragically killed in the line of duty and the thirteen others that were injured.

Our ultimate future goal would be to tailgate at a Superbowl that the Texans are WINNING! Hey, you gotta believe in your team, right?  

Core Members: left to right Kimmy & Larry Uren, Mike & Sheri Maston, Anthony Alexander, Brandon Vorse, Jana & Wade Richards, Ashley & Denise Ashna


Everyone is welcome to stop by Real Steel and support our Houston Texans, we hope to see you soon!

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The Beer Beard

I wonder if you can smuggle beer in using the glorious Beer Beard?


Monday Morning Wakeup Call: Green Grass

One more month until we are all worshipping the green fields of football.


Monday Morning Wakeup Call: Volleyball

Summer is in full swing.  Strike a pose.



Monday Morning Wakeup Call: NFL

Hope you have a great week.  This should help it start out okay:


Monday Morning Wakeup Call: USA

Hope you had a great Independance day!


Mandaids: Bandages For Men

Cuts are inevitable when tailgating hard.  But who wants to put on a simple bandaid?  Not any man I know!

Now there are bandaids for men.  Duct tape bandaids.



Barbecue Pairing Infographic

Great barbeque pairing infographic


Monday Morning Wakeup Call: Kate Upton

Kate Upton.  What else do you have to say?  Even Leslie Mann is impressed with her assets.  Nothing wrong with that!