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Monday Morning Wake Up Call: South Carolina

South Carolina Tailgate GirlsProof that the depth in the SEC goes beyond the football field.


Monday Morning Wake Up Call: Tennessee 2

Tennessee GirlsThese Vols Girls love seeing their team becoming bowl-eligible again.


Master Gator Takes Gainesville Tailgating to the Next Level

Master Gator Tailgate BusThere are weekend projects, and then there are weekend projects that take 6 months and over 1000 man-hours to complete. This one is the latter, and it is appropriately named the “Master Gator.”

Building a Tailgate BusCreated by Keith Moody, the “Master Gator” began as a 1992 Ford B700 with a 5.9 Cummins and Thomas Body, which was picked up in an auction down in Broward County. Working with some of his friends, Keith began by gutting the inside of the bus including seats, rubber floor, plywood subfloor, heaters, driver's seat, and windows. Then using the help of his friend Martin from Master Blaster in Fort Pierce, they sandblasted the inside before priming and painting the complete interior portion of this tailgate machine. Keith even stripped down the windows to their raw aluminum state, and took them to a machine shop where he was able to anodized the frames black. As he would put it, “Not one part of this bus is half assed, all wiring, plumbing paint etc was done right.”

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Monday Morning Wake Up Call: Tennessee

Tennessee Vols CheerleadersTennessee may have lost this weekend, but these girls love the fact that Lane Kiffin has the football team competing again.


Monday Morning Wake Up Call: Auburn

Auburn Tailgate Girl

Auburn has one more reason to tailgate...they're in the top 25!


SEC GrillTopper Gets Some TV Time

Our good friends over at SEC GrillToppers got some nice press on a local morning show! Julia Hurley appeared on Daytime Today Tri-Cities in Tennessee to demonstrate some of her tailgating products including their star product, the Grill Toppers. Check out the full story we did on her and her Tailgate Grill Toppers back in early May.


Monday Morning Wake Up Call: Kentucky

Kentucky Girls TailgatingWe're going to keep it in the SEC (with good reason) this week, and take a little visit over to Kentucky.


Monday Morning Wake Up Call: LSU

LSU Tailgate GirlsDo we really have to wait 61 days for some real college football Saturday Tailgatin'?


Monday Morning Wake Up Call: Florida

Hot Gator GirlThis should be right up there with prestigious pre-game traditions, such as "Rubbing of Howard's Rock" and "Dotting the I". We're just saying.


Monday Morning Wake Up Call: Georgia

Georgia Bulldogs Tailgate GirlsGeorgia girls sure do know how to sport that school pride.