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16 Tailgaters You Meet in College Football

Great infographic on the 16 tailgaters you meet in college football:

The Camper - You're not getting his spot. Don't even try.
The Immortal - Graduated 20 years ago. Still thinks he's in college. 
Band Girl - Doesn't wanna hear your American Pie references.
DJ Dubz - Assumes everyone within a 2 mile radius loves his iPod playlist.
Bean Bag Bandit - Easily hits a 6" circle from 2 counties over.
Homecoming Runner-Up - Better luck next year.
The Cyclone - Funnels more than a storm in Kansas.
Tammy Taxi - Saves lives without any superpowers.
The Ticket Master - Has never heard of ebay or craigslist.
The Martha - Brings the entire home collection to the field.
Glory Days Dave - Once threw a 300 yard touchdown pass.
The Fan - Actually goes inside the stadium.

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