The Coolest Cooler Launching Kickstarter Campaign

Kickstarter Campaign Launch November 26th 2013  

The Coolest takes your grandma’s sandwich-and-lemonade carrier and kicks it up a notch. OK, probably about 5 notches. It’s the only all-in-one outdoor entertainment solution you need for tailgating, camping, picnics, beach parties, barbecues, and anytime you’re outdoors having fun with friends and family. It’s the best thing to happen to outdoor fun since Slip met Slide.

The Coolest is the no-hassle way to eat, drink, and play tunes—just about anywhere you happen to be. 

  • Built-in battery-powered blender
  • Removable Bluetooth speaker
  • Gear-carrying bungee tie-down
  • Embedded lid light
  • Attached bottle opener
  • Side accessory cubby
  • Decorative decals in more than 40 colors 

How you can help: 

If we can reach our investment goal of $125,000, then we can bring the Coolest product to market for everyone. The heavy lifting is done - suppliers and back-up suppliers for every component are lined up and we’ve even got a factory here in the USA that’s ready to go. They’re prepared to manufacture and assemble the final Coolest from the moment we say “GO!”.

Follow the campaign:


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Iowa Nice Guy. Punting is Un-American

Punting is Un-American, so says the Iowa Nice Guy:


Beerbell: Your Weekend Workout

Check out the Beerbell, your weekend workout.  

The Beerbell, a 3 pound beer koozie, designed to look like a barbell.  It's fun, yet functional.  It's not only a weekend workout, the Beerbell keeps drinks colder, makes a great drink holder and it floats.  

The Beerbell is great for tailgating and team spirit, Christmas gifts and other holiday gifts for men, patios, pools, and camping, floating and boating, promoting a business, and the greatest conversation piece.

To be honest, once you hold on to this thing, it brings a new meaning to the 12 oz curl!  If you drink enough, you better switch arms periodically!

As you can see in the pictures, the Beerbell is capable of holding a can or a bottle.  Just slip on the Beerbell koozie and slid in your drink.  There is a ledge that stops your beer from going down all the way.  That same ledge keeps the bottle tight once pushed down.
With the weighted bottom, the BeerBell will stay upright in grass or on rocks, which can be an issue if you use just a coozie by itself.   When you get your BeerBell, you can choose to put any decals you want on it, to show your teams spirit.  

Right now, there is a buy one, get one offer on the BeerBell, 2 decals, for $19.99, plus shipping and handling.

Check them out for yourself:

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Indianapolis Colts Tailgating Response Unit

Check out the Indianapolis Colts Tailgating Response Unit, the TRU, which is owned by  Matt and Marcy Schwegman.  They are joined by a great group of people like Marty & Donna West, Bob & Kathy Stiles, Chad & Kim Peterson and Ryan & Heather Nolte. 

When did you get the rig?
We purchased the rig is 2008 after it was retired from service

What was it used for before you got it?
An ambulance for Hendricks County

How long did the restoration take?
The full restoration took about 2 years overall and my husband is still always tweaking things!

How many people do you have tailgate with you?
We have approximately 30 core tailgaters with Another 50 -75 that come through our tailgate every game. We go through a ton of food and booze on home games!
What are the cool features?
The outside wrap that my husband designed with the help of a graphic artist is really cool. He replaced all the red lights to blue lights.  The inside is carpet is green turf with football field markers and the front console and visors are done in brown football material.  He custom made brackets that he
Affixed to the back doors for our 2 42" TV's hang on to watch the games in the lot.
What is your favorite feature?
My favorite feature has nothing to do with the rig its the outdoor potty and potty tent we bought so we don't have to use the stinky prot-a-pots! My husband's favorite feature is once we have all the tents set-up we over 500 square feet of tailgating fun! 

What kind of plans do you have for the future?

We would like to travel to more away games with the rig and meet some other crazy tailgaters! 

How long have you been tailgating?

We have been tailgating for about 10 years

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Yardgating at Green Bay Lambeau Field

ESPN does a story on the "Yardgating" in Green Bay at Lambeau Field.


Iowa Nice Guy: Halloween

Oh man, he's back!  This is too good:


Tailgate TV Stand

Check out the Tailgate TV Stand, a hitch-mounted swiveling flat panel TV mount that is Made in the USA.  This gets the TV out of the back of your SUV, or off that shaky table that everyone seems to bump into.



The Tailgate TV Stand (TTS) comes in two different sizes, standard and heavy duty.  The main difference between the two is the weight capacity, with the standard holding up to 40 pounds, and the heavy duty holding up to 70 lbs.  There is also a "tailgate down" model that will swing over the tailgate when it is lowered, due to the extended hitch tube.  Not shown here is the addition of an accessories tray that mounts to the vertical tubing.



Setting the TTS up is extremely simple.  After unboxing, place the hitch mount into the 2" reciever of your vehicle and secure it with a standard 5/8" pin.  Next place the pivot arm in the low friction bushing on the hitch mount.  Finally put the TV support arm into the bushing of the pivot arm.  You can then mount your standard flatpanel mount onto the TV support arm (standard flat panel mount not included, since there are many different styles out there, and most people have a mount already).


The quality of the TTS is top notch.  It is powdercoated for durability.  The connections between the swiveling pieces moves extremely smooth with or without the supplied lubrication.  It is very effortless.

If you set your mount on the TV correctly, you can even swing the TV entirely into your SUV in cases of bad weather, or to help with glare.  I know a lot of people set up tents at the back of their ride, and having the TV in the SUV frees up that much more space.


As you can see in the above pictures, the TTS comes apart and stores away in a very small, compact area.  This is critical when you have a lot of gear to load into your vehicle.  Like I mentioned above, the TTS goes from sitting in your vehicle to being set up in less than 30 seconds if you are pushing it.  Super fast, super easy, and great looking.  The logos on the tubing look good, and there is plenty of space to add your own logos to it for that personal touch.


If you want to find out more about the Tailgate TV Stand, check out their sites:

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SmackHat: Halloween Modification Complete

We've said it before, we love the SmackHat.  After having some pops, we thought the SmackHat needed the Halloween treatment.  Check it out:

Can't wait for gameday!

Check out

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What Would NFL Logos Look Like Fat?

Ever imagine what the NFL logos would look like if they were fat?  Kissing Suzy Kolber ( feature some great work by David Rappoccio ( showing just that.  Check it out:

San Francisco 49ers

Chicago Bears

Cincinnati Bengals

New York Jets

Cleveland Browns

Tampa Bay Bucs

Buffalo Bills

Arizona Cardinals

Kansas City Chiefs

Indianapolis Colts

Miami Dolphins

Philidelphia Eagles

Atlanta Falcons

Dallas Cowboys

Denver Broncos

St Louis Rams

Jacksonville Jags

New York Giants

San Diego Chargers

Detroit Lions

Green Bay Packers

Carolina Panthers

Oakland Raiders

New England Patriots

Baltimore Ravens

Washington Redskins

New Orleans Saints

Seattle Seahawks

Pittsburgh Steelers

Houston Texans

Tennessee Titans

Minnesota Vikings


Iowa Nice Guy.  Reprimanded

Checkout the Iowa Nice Guy..  REPRIMANDED.
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