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Tailgate Lot News Digest #1

Spring is in the year, thoughts of tailgating are creeping into our minds. Here at the Tailgate Lot, plans and preperations have already begun on our football tailgating rig.  It is never too early to start the dream!

 Bleacher Report's Top 25 College Football Tailgating Schools for 2014

Here are some interesting articles from the web:

Bleacher Report's Top 25 College Football Tailgating spots 

College football is about so much more than just the game.

While  football is the main reason why upwards of 100,000 people (sometimes more) congregate on Saturdays between late August and early December each year, the game serves as only one piece of the puzzle.

If college football games were part of a meal, it would be the main course. But it's the courses that lead up to the entree—and the accompanying beverage pairings—that often separate one dining/game-day experience from another.

Yes, we're talking about tailgating...

World's Largest Softball Tailgate draws array of attendees

Unsure of what to expect, the Hearn family left their house in Lawrenceville, Ill., around 7 a.m. on Saturday in order to grab a spot at the World’s Largest Softball Tailgate. They ended up being the first ones there, if the crew setting up the event doesn’t count...


Badgers fans take tailgate tradition to Texas

Even though fans were nearly a thousand miles away from Madison, in the parking lot at AT&T Stadium fans noses could have lead them to believe they were home.

The smell of brats cooking over a charcoal grill filled the air Saturday as Badgers fans prepared for their team's first appearance in the Final Four in 14 years...


Grill Easy Natural Lump Charcoal In A Box

Grilling at the Tailgate Lot can be an issue for the unprepared.  Some bring smokers, some bring small propane grills, some bring full size webers, and some have hitch mounted grills.  We've done reviews on portable grilling in the past, but there is another option out there.

Purists of the grill will sing the praises of lump charcoal.  The flavor off lump charcoal can't be beat, and it burns hotter than normal coals.  Not to mention all the chemicals that some of the preformed briquettes have in them...


Say hello to Grill Easy, which gives you the great taste and performances of lump charcoal in a easy to transport package.

Grill Easy comes in a cardboard box that you simply light and wait.  In 15 minutes, the box will have burned away leaving you with a nice bed of hot natural lump charcoal to grill over.


The construction of the box helps keep airflow around the coals, ensuring a great burn.  No having to pack a chimney, no packing lighter fluid. And man will this stuff perform.  using a air temp probe, I measured the temperature at 575 degrees!


The Grill Easy solves a great problem.  No more garbage bags / styrofoam coolers / burn in bag containers full of briquets.  No bringing lighter fluid.  No bringing a chimney.  This package flat out works.  Great long lasting heat for all your grilling.  Going to the local park?  No problem.  Just pack a Grill Easy and you are set.

The Grill Easy can be found in at certain brick and mortar stores on the east coast right now, or on their website (

You can read more about Grill Easy at their website:
You can also check out their social media sites:

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B.O.B (Bottle Opener Board) Cutting Board & Bottle Opener

Here's another great kickstarter project for the tailgater who likes to have multi-purpose items.


The Bottle Opener Board, or BOB, is a cutting board product by Pablo Baquero and Josh Lochner.  Made of sustainable bamboo, the BOB comes in two sizes: the standard size and the travel size.  Both would work great in a tailgating situation where space can come at a premium when packing up a vehicle.

 Here's how the BOB came to be.

B.O.B was dreamt up over 2 years ago at one of our frequent visits to Chipotle. We ordered beer to complement our lunch, but unfortunately they were still capped. Josh quickly reached for a beer and popped the top off with the tray the food was on. Pablo was intrigued by this, but knew there had to be a better way. The rest of lunch consisted of ideation with high-tech napkin sketches. We don’t know if it was the delicious burritos or the cold beer, but something just clicked that day and from then on we both knew the Bottle Opener Board must become a reality.

First thing was first, we searched the web for days to see if anyone has ever attempted to merge a cutting board and bottle opener into one. What we found were sandals, sunglass and other novelty items that had built in openers, but nothing that merited practical everyday use. Next came the design process, our first concept featured a bottle opener that was removable from the cutting board itself. This was a failure as it scarified the strength of the cutting surface and quickly found that this would be impossible to manufacture in bamboo. Our next concept was closer to the bottle opener you see today, consisting of a metal plate that would be mended between the layers of bamboo and secured in place with fasteners. What we ended up with was clunky and not aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Months and multiple concepts later we added another material to our line-up, ABS plastic. With this we were able to finally design the bottle opener around the board, while having a minimal impact on functionality and integrity. The bottle opener component consists of three parts, the two outer rings and metal insert. Both rings thread together, clamping the metal insert in place (like an Oreo). Since we designed the outer rings to thread into each other it only requires a tiny drop of adhesive to keep them from coming undone. This design allowed us to place the opener virtually anywhere. The results are simply extraordinary, especially when compared to other cutting boards on the market.


So check out the BOB board on Kickstarter campaign, which runs until Sunday, March 30th:


Check out the BOB Board:

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Bevometer, The Can Cooler That Counts

Have you ever wondered just how many cold ones you've tipped at the tailgating lots?  I know I have, and now there is a solution to this age old question.  Bevometer!

The Bevometer is currently in a Kickstarter campaign (click here!) with hopes to launch spring of 2014.

Created by Justin and Jenny Richmond, the Bevometer does 3 things:

  • Keeps drinks cold
  • Counts drinks "this time"
  • Counts drinks over the lifetime of the koozie

The inspiration for this project came from Justin's father.  Noticing the old ancient koozie he had, conversation turned to how many drinks has been in it over the lifetime, and that sparked a fire to create the Bevometer.

As you can see, the inspiration and the prototypes that came from it.  Progress indeed!

This is one of those products that just screams awesome.  Having a way to see how many shastas have been had, reminising about all the good times.  Can't beat it!  Join in while you can.  The campaign runs until 10:30 AM on March 15.  You can get it plain, or with the Bevometer logo on it.  Plans have been made to allow custom logos as well.

Check out their website at:

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Touchdown Tailgating Kit

Back in 2011, Tailgate Lot showed you the Home Run Tailgate Kit.  Roy Henning, David Bauman and Leroy Butler are back with the football version of this, called the Touchdown Tailgating Kit.

How It Works:
 The design of this product is simple. It starts with a standard drink coozie and a pair of gloves. We attach the hard half of the velcro to the outside of the drink coozie. Next, we sew the soft half of the velcro to the fingers on the glove. By attaching the soft part of the velcro to the gloves, we maintain the effectiveness of the gloves to hold and throw a football or baseball, play bags or stand at the grill and cook.

This launched on Kickstarter on Jan 31. It has a $25,000 goal, and will be funded if it hits its mark by March 8.  Green Bay Packers fans will be quick to notice Leroy Butler is backing this project as well.

Check out their campaign at:
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Monday Morning Wakeup Call: Seattle Seahawks

Well, I don't think many people saw that coming.  Domination!


Beer Drones, the most AMAZING use of drones

Could you imagine?  Beer supply getting low at the tailgate, panic is starting to creep up.  It's official, this is an all out BEERMERGENCY.

Never fear though, we now have beer drones.



Seattle Seahawks Jello Shots!

Just in time for the Super Bowl, Seattle Seahawks jello shots.


3 oz Berry Blue Jello
3 oz Lime Jello
2 Packets Knox Gelatine 
2-1/2 cups Vodka 
2-1/2 cups Boiling Water
1 cup Pina Colada Mixer (such as Mr. and Mrs. T's) 
5-10 drops of Blue Food Coloring (optional, but makes to colors darker like Hawks Colors)
5-10 drops of Green Food Coloring (optional, but makes to colors darker like Hawks Colors)

Check out the full recipe at: